Riddles, Jokes, and absolutely absurd Comments


Hey Everyone, as some of the other forum games get old and stale, I decided to create a new game. Post as many ridiculous comments, hard riddles, and funny (or not funny) jokes. All I ask is that we keep it respectful (no racist/derogatory jokes, please). We can go a dirty with the jokes and comments…, (:eyes:) But don’t be offensive. With that out of the way, I hope people post, laugh, and have a great time. :palm_tree:


What’s the difference between a tire and 365 used condoms? (This violates my rule a tiny bit)

One is a good year, the other is a great year.


i know where you live



Probably not because you are the third person to tell me that. It only has your school emblem on it for you. I see the gif. Do you see Me when I look up the 25th island of Greece on the thing I sent?


Ok i get it, lol


I dont get this game I’m uncultured


just say a funny joke or smth


Ur mom :sunglasses:


there i said my joke what’s next




thats not a very funny joke @ArcticWolf


I know :sob:


But your moma is :sunglasses:




the funniest joke of all time