Reverse update, bring back good version



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That is just your opinion… i think it makes the game fairer


Tbh I think all the updates recently have ruined the game. Maybe they should make polls first and ask the players what WE want before making decisions.

Also I miss my coins.


If you create a post in the feedback section, it would be nice to have something constructive to say with more reasoning behind your statements.
Just saying something is bad is not helpful to us nor others that see the post.
Thank you for understanding!


initial posts are rarely helpful, its replies like the one from alleah that are useful

redirect Dear mods and developers, your updates ruin the game and here's why



And that’s your opinion :slight_smile:


BTW why is Compensation for upgrades flagged for spam? It’s an actual conversation. Did some biased moderator try to stop discussions against the update?



This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Um…why is your post flagged as well?

(no offense, but it may be because of the “wtf” in there)



Ok who’s flagging all this?


System is flagging it… It might be that your posts look too spammy, or are posted in too rapid succession with too much content looking too similar


Oh! Thank you!


Geert explained a possible reason for the flagging