[RESULTS] New Power Contest!


Hey Curve Fever Community! :cfp:

I am excited to announce the results for the New Power Contest that was held last month and I would like to say a massive thank you to all the submissions that we had received! (Well over 300!) This was of course challenging for us in terms of organising a voting scenario with all these submissions so we had to go through the power ideas with the development team and shortlist which were the most practical and most likely to be added into the gamer if they were to win! So apologies firstly to those who did submit and did not see their powers in the voting!

Secondly, congratulations to all winners below!!!

**1st Place - Bounce Shot **(300 :gem: + O Christmas Tree + Contest Creator Badge )


**2nd Place - Freeze Mine **(300 :gem: + Contest Creator Badge)

@MaterArc , @Karelxxx & @VAIN

3rd Place - Switch (250 :gem:)


*4th Place - Boomerang *(200 :gem:)

@CyanFreak, @Internet_Is_Evil , @VAIN, @HHHHHHHH, Piratenparty

5th Place - Refresh Cooldown (100 :gem:)


6th Place - Rubick’s Cube (50 :gem:)

@Whitesnakee , @Hochmah, @NICK, @PandaStyle

7th Place - Side Laser (50 :gem:)


8th - Hidden Line (50 :gem:)


9th - Slow (50 :gem:)

@memedroid , @Horton86462 & @PandaStyle

10th - Angler (50 :gem:)

@Horton86462 , @SHEEP & EliNo

Thanks also goes out to @depth1 and @Karig for their awesome artist work!

Congratulations to all winners - your rewards will be with you shortly and thank you once again to everyone!


i like the side laser it look like it very strong