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Should ranking points be reset?

  • yes
  • no

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Definitely… it is too many unactive players in the top 100, rank doesnt show really how good someone is atm imo…



I voted for “yes” option because I think that rank does not have value now, I mean, it could only seem for me like that, but now I am demotivated to play for rank so I just play for fun sometimes, that is also the main reason why I am stuckt to 1500. I think resetting ranking points would motivate me and maybe some other people, too, to play for rank a bit more and maybe the new records will be reached. Also, are you planning resetting ranking points to 700?

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Resetting causes way too much havoc, the last one was a disaster, a lot of boring matches, great shifts every game, newbies complaining about needing to play with pros disguised as their level etc etc. And of course the feel of all the previous efforts being wasted, too.

I do think something should be done to fix the issue of inactive players, but there is already a very good solution for this which was tested in CF3 with very good results. If someone plays too little in a given period, their rank should be decreased by xx % (and then next xx% on each next period) , and those taken points get frozen. The frozen points could then be re-claimed by playing (e.g. as long as you have frozen points, your games count double).

I think something of this kind should indeed be done, so that the ranks really show who is currently the best and not who had been some time ago, but not a hard rank reset. The community has once needed to live through the period after rank reset, and not any more in this lifetime please :slight_smile:


There already is a rank decay system like the one you mentioned, maybe it’s not decaying quick enough.


That’s great :slight_smile: Then I think the only action needed (if any) is either a quicker decay, or just doing nothing and a little bit more patience from those calling for a rank reset :smiley: Such rank decay is certainly enough to solve (maybe just with a bit of patience since it won’t happen overnight) the issue of inactive players imo.


Tbh i dont really care :joy: i just think ranking is dead atm and for some who actually play for rank it is kinda stupid when in the top 100 r 70% old second accounts :joy:
I guess the decay system is way to slow … didnt even realize there was one tbh


Yeah the decay system doesn’t really work: For Xaran has been 1888 rank without playing for a month and a half.


I have a number of remarks regarding the current ranking system.

First and foremost, I think the top 100 should consist of 100 different people (no second accounts). I am aware that this is not possible. However in a way, the system currently encourages people to create multiple accounts:

  • People “park” their accounts in the top 100, and once they have a high score, they no longer play with it (Xaran, for example). The account then just “sits” there, so the ranking is not representative of the current top 100… If I have an extremely good day, and I like my rank I managed to get, should I just make another account and get it in top 100 too…? The current ranking system permits that… That’s certainly not the way it should be.

  • Is there currently a decaying system? Then it is by no means noticeable. Two possible solutions:

  1. Make the decaying% stronger (as others have already suggested).
  2. Or make a bonus system instead of a decaying system (if you plan on having multiple ranking seasons). As a former CF3 player, I liked the system with daily bonus rank points (+15 bonus rank per day). That way you had to keep playing, or the account was eventually out of the top 100.

Also, in comparison with a decaying system, you don’t get punished for having more rank (since you work with a decaying%). To fix this, one could work with a decaying penalty (opposite of bonus rank, e.g. -15 rank per day) instead of a percentage.

  • Finally, ranked customs should not be possible… I see matches being played between multiple accounts of the same person. In this way, the second account is used to give rank to the main account. Speaking of boosting on another level …

The things I mentioned are really not that hard to implement (I think). :slight_smile:


Decay of rank also doesn’t update grandmaster rank value which is actually a bug.
So the decay isn’t visible.


I voted for yes… reasons? Same as a lot of people said😉