Reply to this and and a <3 for something cool



Hello, so whoever can reply the most and leave a <3 can be featured in one of my YoutubeVidz
My Chanel will be coming out soon so top 10 will be more famous and stuff
Oh and my Chanel name will be Pigcrafts_YT :slight_smile:


Sorry, but i don’t really see a point in this topic :joy:


You don’t wanna be famous on YouTube Hort? :slight_smile:


@Deur, I never said I didn’t want to be famous, just that spamming a post to be on YouTube is a bit odd to me, just my opinion though.


I know it is stupid but i am in 6th grade and when i announced i was getting a Chanel about 60-90 people said, “i want to sub” so I thought it could be an ezy way to be well known on curve



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wow :slight_smile:


atleist link ur channel if you are already making ads :wink:

BTW a Youtuber with a focus on curvefever could actually bring in new players


ok lol