Replays not showing


For some reason, when I go to my match history to see one of my replays, they don’t show

Worse, when I use the curve fever replay website ( and put the replay match code, it just shows this:

Does this happen to you?

(edit: It works again!)

Help me with replay
Why can't I watch linked replays

i guess the game doesnt want you to show its sercets i guess lol


The replay’s wanting a vacation, and as such, they’re going on strike. Simple as that.


:joy: nah the giant curve logo happens both on the game and replays from time to time, I had to switch browsers to play the game without the giant curve screen of death :no_mouth:


The replays change from time to time and if you want to watch recent rounds you will have to change the adress. As you can see in yours there is a “22”. I think the last version was “28” or “29” :joy: I guess devs will change this in the future but for now play a little with the number and it might work :joy:


thanks but I tried that and it showed me this…


seeing the same thing. no play button in my match history and same error message when trying to manually type the link


The replay server could be bugged then.


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same for me…


So the replay are broken…

Can you please get me this replay
the code is

thank you


I don’t have access either, just wait until it is fixed.


I think they are fixed, I can see them now. :smiley:


Yeah the replays were fixed but because of the ads the first round is always out of sync right now. :frowning:


oh, ok