Replays disregard user settings


When a replay is played, the audio, video, input and general settings are reset to non-user-defined values. This is detrimental to user experience, particularly when the user has disabled music and is listening to something else in the background. The reset only affects the replay and doesn’t actually change the settings.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enter the settings screen and change some of the values
  2. Save the settings
  3. Enter the match history screen and play a replay
  4. The previous settings will be disregarded

My user settings:

Settings as seen during the replay:


It’s not a bug. The replay system isn’t connected to the game. In meaning, your account settings can’t be remembered on the replays. That’s because if you wanted to watch a replay, you’d have to login every single time. But right now it’s better, because you can watch replays from anywhere without having to login or register to the game.