Remove the brown slowers


Can you remove the brown slowers?


For me, they totally ruin the game, making it slow and boring as hell…
The green slowers are still OK since they only act on the players who chose to use it.
I want something dynamic, not a snail race.


For me they’re adding some fun xD


More importantly…is that color brown. I thought it was orange. :man_shrugging:




the border is orange, true
the background is dark orange, or brown, as you want

light color of the slower is #DE6C37
dark color of the slower is #5F423F

web orange is #FFA500
web dark orange is #FF8C00
web brown is #A52A2A

so it is nor orange neither brown :partying_face:

but it really slows the gameplay :snail:


Orange brake pickup are make hitting someone with time bomb easier


If I am correct, the duration of the red slow brake is long? I’m not sure, but if it is, would be nice if the duration of the slow brake could be quicker, but doubt there would be any updates any time soon due to Hidden Monster Games (company) being bankrupted, but anything could happen!


The orange brakes have killed me 2 times from trying to break dash. But honestly, they aren’t so bad.




pidgey your back