Remove the angle turns sound or allow it to be muted under music?


Idk if its just me but I find it really annoying. And it also bugs out very often, allowing users to mute by muting music would be nice so i dont have to fullmute and miss out on sounds that are somewhat useful to gameplay


It’s definitely NOT just you.
I really enjoy the sounds of the game, and I feel as though they add to the experience, however the angle turns sound is really annoying and distracts me. Not only that, but recently I’ve been experiencing a glitch where the sound gets duplicated and it gives me a headache. I feel like it should either be changed, or not have a sound at all, or to the people who actually like it, have an option, as elo said, to mute just the angle turns sound.

(sorry for that really long sentence)


Well you can turn off all in-game sounds, for example the laser sound, the shot sound, the jump sound. the fever throwing sound, and stuff like that. In the top right corner next to the settings gear, hit the top button that says “mute sound effects” and it will still keep the ingame and menu music.


Yea ik that but i love the rest of the sfx ^^
I wish we could mute only angle


I dont understand the point of the music its just rly annoying


How? I always listen to the music but not the sound effects :slight_smile:


@Horton86462 okay so it can help but its mostly for fun and if a fever or mine is thrown, it makes a sound alerting the player helping you dodge it.


lmao i always play muted.


Good idea @In-Your-Face I don’t like angle turns sound