Remove Pickups in Quickplay



Hi community before I thought the pickups mode in quickplays were good.
(Read the “WHY” part)

  1. It is annoying
  2. The only pickups i like are: Jump and green speed and red brake and green thin.
  3. If you get too slow because of pickups and u need to jump u die. :sob:
    And last but not least #4: They annoy me whenever it lags.

For more information on #4 go to this post Info for reason #4

I hope that you vote YES!

So sorry to interrupt.

Wish you well at home!


Well, it’s actually red…


I will edit it
It just looks brown


speaking of which
I am in a qp right now
As CurveMaster




Well, usually in all versions of CF there were green, red and blue pickups. There isn’t blue pickups only in CFPro though.


Imagine blue pickup opening borders? :astonished:


What are the blue pickups?
I only have seen red and green pickups in my time playing CFPro.


in cf 1,cf 2, and cf 3 has the blue pickups. the blue pickups affects on everyone


including the person that activated it?


Yeah, either it would has been a red pickup (affecting everyone expect whoever has picked it up)


Thank you!