Rejoin - Souns good, doesn't work



Somehow my connection to the game server lost (again)…
I tried to rejoin after that, it looked successful, but when i tried to control my ship, i couldn’t. So i watched it crash into the wall.
Okay, refresh and rejoin again, it maybe helps.
But is doesn’t. I got this message:
Okay, maybe a single bugged case.
But no, the exact same thing happened two more times after this. I lost around 50 points. Thanks!


Since no gm-s really play, with my silver matchups, i only have to win ~20-30 matches to gain these points back… Totally fine…


Rejoining is still a bit of an experimental feature and we’re working on improving it.
We released it because it’s still better than not being able to rejoin at all and we have better insights now in the remaining issues.
Later this week or next week we might do an update that has a lot of reworked code that should fix some issues and makes it easier for us to solve issues with rejoining and player issues.

The error JOIN_ROOM_INVALID_TOKEN means that the server removed your access token to connect to the server which happens when the room gets destroyed when the game ends.
So the game must have ended when you tried to rejoin.

You can complain about rank but we won’t give any of it back because everyone is affected by the same issues not just you.
I understand it can be frustrating but if there was no rejoining you would have also lost them.
You just have to be patience while we try to polish the rejoin feature.

If possible play on a stable wired connection so that you don’t lose connection to the server so frequent.


I didn’t write it to ask for a refund. I was sure you would never do this…

The bigger problem is not the rejoin button tbh, but the large amount of connection losses. I have a stable wired connection, none of any other io games, or e.g. Counter Strike has any problem with it. I play other games live, with no buffer, from the same PC, same internet connection, but only CF loses it’s connection frequently…
And also my own PC at home, and my work PC at the office do the same.


We use the same network protocol as all the other web games nothing different from that.
Can have a look if there are some updates with bug fixes but there’s nothing I can do to improve the stability of the network.
Our servers never close your connection only when the room is destroyed, when the game is ended.
And obviously if the server shuts down/crashes but this hasn’t happened in months.


Should be improved with latest update.
If there are still bugs please create new topics.

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