Rejoin game button


So somehow changing between tabs can caused my game to turn into the forum, and of course since there isn’t a rejoin game button, I have now lost a lovely 15 rank. Sure I’ll get it back, and sure it usually doesn’t matter, but its irritating,

Please add this function.

Disconnected with no possibility to return

I would like to bring this one back please. I’m dying here xd. Too many disconnects meaning I cant get back into game.


As important as add friend feature xd


I agree.
I have internet issues and sometimes, I lose the connection for 1 seconde. So I have to refresh the game… and I can’t rejoin my game so I automatically lose points…
Make it like cf2 ! :grin:


I’m agree too :slight_smile:


thing to add:
-rejoin button
-spectate button
-live leaderboard
-friend list
-special color for event?


Clans? :3


would be dope…

Christmas event: Open 100 crates from the 15.12.18 until the 15.01.19 and get a christmas color :joy:
probs a dumb idea cause its a lil ez to do that i think :joy:


candies on map? xD


Or Teams? Like 3 vs 3 ?



I don’t get why there is no “rejoin button”?
There was one in cf2 and cf3 so…
(I have issues with my internet and it causes my game trouble so I often need to reboot safari and ofc I always lose so many points…).

Thank you for your answer.


The networking of CFP is a bit more advanced and therefore more complicated.
In CFP we use micro services that all communicate with each-other and in CF2 and CF3 we just had 1 server that managed most stuff. We did this because we want CFP to be more scalable.
In general CFP is just more complex.

Last weekend I spent 1.5 day on rejoining in my spare time and the server side code is mostly done but now the rendering is still left so that ships are re-spawned etc.
The feature will be there some day but it has no priority and it’s a lot of work so don’t expect it very soon.

Here a flow chart I made mostly for the server stuff, as you can see it’s not so easy :sweat_smile:
But I’ll do my best to continue on it when I have some more free time.


I can’t zoom it :woozy_face:


Thanks a lot for your answer.
I get it now!


You guys should make possible to return to a match where you got disconnected from. Connection is lost pretty often, which is a cause of losing very important thing - rank. There is such an option in cf2. It’s needed in cfpro too. Sorry for my english.


Developers will do their best to introduce this to the game :sunglasses:


Making good progress on rejoining! :slight_smile:
Now also possible to have instant rejoin and instant spectate!
So you can just refresh and keep on playing the current round :heart:

Still a lot of bugs left to fix probably because there are hundreds of edge cases like if you rejoin a split second before the round ends and such.
But hopefully it can be released in one of the upcoming updates! :raised_hands:


@Rojoss because not all heroes wear capes :slight_smile:


Took a lot of work and over 100 bug fixes later the rejoining is finally live! :heart:

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