Regular Rank on forum


Are you able to check how close you are to regular rank on this forum?


It’s based on activity


There is no way to check your progress.
Here are the conditions though and some of them you can check manually on your profile.

Most ofthese requirements must be met in the last 100 days, not your total. (unless specified otherwise)

  • 50 unique days visited the forum.
  • 10 replies to topics.
  • 25% of the created topics must be read. (or 500 topics read total)
  • 25% of the posts must be read. (or 20000 posts read total)
  • At least 200 topics read in total (all time)
  • At least 500 posts read in total (all time)
  • You may not have more than 5 of your posts flagged.
  • Have at least 20 likes received

Please note that you can also downgrade again.
Once you unlock regular you keep it for at least 14 days but you have to stay active.