Regarding the skins update


Since there’s been quite negative feedback regarding the “energy” and “limited use of modules” AND the lack of compensation for those who spent money on this game,

I’d like to say: The skins update is great. Thanks for listenting to the community. I hope there’ll be more skins, but maybe for a little cheaper price also.


I agree, and I hope this is the first step in a long list of steps where we see the devs move from a progression based game to a customisation based game.

My only request would be to make it so that players would receive gems either for winning a ranked quick play match or just for gold crates.

I think that 250 wins is a fair price to pay for a skin. We want them to be exclusive but also to be accessible to all.


I think they would earn more by creating more skins for cheaper prices. People don’t wanna pay 10 euro for a skin, but they will buy 5 skins for 2 - 2.5 euro :smiley: Especially if they’re cute and you can buy it by phone with NO extra charge. The last upgrade is cause of a lack of money and nobody likes it. :joy:


I can buy 3 games from Steam for 10 euro which is WAY better xD


Thing is that most people will only buy 1 skin.
So if it’s like an euro or free then there won’t be enough income.
If the skins sell well we can probably step away more from the energy system or other systems.

We’re currently experimenting a bit with how we can make the game sustainable because otherwise we might not be able to continue development at some point which would be a shame.


But none of the games is Curve Fever :smile:


I agree with @Owl. Atm there is no real way of getting gems without paying. That is not so cool imo.


Please make there a slow but free ways to get gems! I really want skins, but I am not allowed to pay for this game:(


I absolutely love this feature. Insta-bought the christmas skin and LOVING it.


I’ll tell you how to continue development: Put 3 ads in the first screen. When you click “Play for free” put 2 ads. In the Quick play lobby put 1 ad on the corner. That’s 6 ads per user.

Then you make more skins for a cheaper price.

And make it possible to purchase gems and coins by phone.

And make it possible to upgrade modules and LIMITLESS USE OF MODULES

That’s how you make money off a game.


We don’t have enough players for ads.
Even if we put ads averywhere it would still not be enough to cover the cost of developing the game.

We plan to release more skins over time, some might be cheap and some will be expensive for sure.
Just think about it if you only want 1 skin you only pay 5-10 euros which is nothing for a game you spend many hours on. A lot of players have spent hundreds of not thousands of hours on the game.
For most games where you play that many hours you pay at least 40 euros.
And skins will always be optional, if you want to show status you gotta pay for it.
It also makes the skins more rare and more valuable, I’d they were an euro everyone would probably buy it which makes it useless.

We do plan to make it so old skins will be discounted.
So if we release new skins these might become cheaper and the new ones will become more valuable that way.
But that’s not the final design yet.

Everyone thinks it’s easy just sell a bunch of cheap stuff or put in a lot of ads but it doesn’t work that way.
Just give it a few more updates and you might like the end results. We’re a small team so each update is a small step towards a bigger thing.


I hate aids ads. I’d rather pay a little // use adblock than get cancer aids :joy:
Maybe Fortnite model also is good. They have a selection of skins each week or so, so the skins seem/are way rarer so people are willing to buy them more. It’s a bit manipulative maybe, but maybe not. Then the choice is also maybe easier, if there are only 4 to choose from or so. I also pledge for 5€ for normal skins, maybe 7,99 for special skins. And maybe it’s better to just show the gem value, so people don’t actually feel it’s so much money xD Also a little manipulative, but I think thats ok 2, since everyone does it anyway, and you still can check the value in dollar/euro. Like 250 gems, feel like not much. 10€ sounds super much if it’s written


I Liked when you would get a different ship every time you leveled up


Well, I play Fortnite :rofl:

And your right, their model is very good, I have never played money on that game, yet I have the same chance to win as everyone else. Now I suck, that’s is different story. But those of you who don’t play Fortnite, here ya go! Fortnite is free to play, and you cant play to gain a competitive advantage. Instead you pay for seasons, as well as the item shop. In these seasons and shop, there are customizations, that make you stand out, but don’t help you one bit. If curvefever takes this approach, that’s good, as you don’t have to pay to be just as good as everyone else, but you can pay to stand out, and kind of give yourself a status. I feel like the 3 free powers and current chest models can stay, but energy can leave. That way you cant play for it, and play with powers you like over other people. Instead you can only pay for skins and other custom items. This way the game is fair and fun, and our wonderful dev teams get paid! Please consider my ideas fam!


I really like the new update(s) and especially the shop… But it hurts to see that i spent all my gems converting them to coins just a day or two before the energy-update :frowning: and now that i would have been able to buy skins with those gems it hurts even more… :'D


…would more people buy it if you reduced the price? Some quadratic optimization with a simple model?