Refresh Powers


Hey, I haven’t realized CF3 was gone, and haven’t played this game in a while.

But, why aren’t the new powers refreshing every day? For instance, I remember the first day I played in the new system, I had over 30 lasers and used most of them. After 2 days, they haven’t refreshed back to the original number.

Do the power ups even refresh daily? It seems tedious not to…



if u had 30 lasers, it means u can use it 30 times without spending energy. It’s like the bonus for spending all the coins on upgrading the power before the update that removed the upgradation system . After u have played 30 times with that, u will need to spend 1 energy for every time u use.

Only free powers are refreshed every 20 hours.


Really henryy?? ,really x2?,wow


:man_facepalming:i had no idea lol ,i have like 40 of each power,but dont compensate my old saved up coins