Refresh bug


Hi Guys,

I keep getting a bug where the game will randomly disconnect and take me to a page where it forces me to refresh. It does this several times until it eventually lets me back into the game. It seems pretty random, usually happening in-between matches rather than during them (thank fully) - usually when clicking next or rematch or to change modules. However, I’ve been sat in a lobby and it’s done it on it’s own accord for no apparent reason when I’ve been ready and not clicked anything.

The most annoying part of this bug is when it happens when connecting to a match, it then advises I can rejoin because the one it just kicked me from already started, meaning I’m in the game but miss the first round. This is happening almost every game and it’s very frustrating when you lose by just a few points knowing you would have won and wouldn’t have lost rank if everyone else didn’t have a 1 round head start. Especially annoying when matchmaking is poor and 2nd place puts you in the red.

I don’t like losing rank when it’s not my fault and out of my control. Please reassure us that you are aware of this and working to fix it. I don’t see anyone discussing it on the forum but it’s happening to a lot of people in game since the update back to FFA from teams.

Also, quick question about how accurate “players online” is. I decided to go to join match to see if there really is 400 people online after being frustrated with being paired with the same 5 people even after choosing next game. Especially when I’m set to play in all EU and US servers. Out of 400 players online there were a total of 22 matches either waiting or already playing with a grand total of 71 players (yes I counted). Where are the other 330 players? They’re not in global chat, and there would need to be an average of 16 spectators per match which is unlikely. Are there servers other than EU and US running which I don’t see and can’t play in because of my location?

Thanks for your help


Seen the same bug already, others have complained about it as well!


Thanks @Line hopefully it will be sorted soon. In the meantime I’ll keep clearing my cache and trying different browsers. Any thoughts on the amount of players online vs actual players in matches? I’ve noticed this before where apparently there’s 300 but in reality its 50 or so. If this is accurate then I’m really curious to know why there are frequently so many players online just not playing or talking to anyone!


Nope sry got no info on that, but I seem to get into games super quick lately :wink:


Yeah I haven’t had any troubles with the speed of getting into a match (albeit after 3 attempts and a round behind) it just feels like there should be a lot more games happening than I am able to see or join. Even in the calm of the night when you know it’s quiet and matchmaking gets bad because theres only a handful of games going on (US included) - it still says 300-400 online. That’s an incredible amount of traffic for very little activity.


Idk might be a bug :joy:


I just noticed the refresh page it takes me to actually says the team are already notified about it. I hadn’t noticed this before probably because whenever that page is thrown at me I’m trying to get into a game and quickly click out of it. Let’s hope it’s fixed soon <3


I got the same bug since friday, I got to refresh all the time between matches (so i can’t rematch anymore) and sometimes when i press “quickplay”, I got to repeat it several times before I can access the quickplay board.

anyone has the same issue and found a solution ?
Thanks for your help :wink:


Hi mate, yes that’s it. Well it seems the devs are aware so will just have to hang on until the next update which I’m sure won’t be long.


@soufianeg so a few of us have tried using another account and it has completely removed the bug which means that it is account specific @Rojoss. Apologies if you were already aware, if you have already posted workarounds please link me up :slight_smile: Otherwise, for anyone reading this use a different account and that will resolve it.


@Zero I still get the bug after all, I thought it was gone for a moment, I could rematch 3 times without any bug then when u came just after the match ended, the refresh window opened after i clicked rematch… :frowning: maybe it will be fied later for specific accounts


These are the amount of players logged in.
This also includes people that are AFK though, we have AFK detection but it takes a couple hours and it does not always work 100%.
So yes the number is accurate (the amount of logged in users on our servers), also for the lobby you can put a spcace in search bar to see all matches by default not everything is shown.

What page is this?
It it the one that says something went wrong?

EDIT We found the issue, we’ll put a patch with a fix as soon as possible.


Alright, patch is live with a fix for the crash.


Thanks @Rojoss it’s working now - thanks for fixing so quickly! <3