Rechargeable Powers



Why? Just…why?

Firstly, the new system makes the game much more complex. Furthermore, Geert said he wanted to keep that you can play with any power. If it’s unlimited after you use it all up for rechargeable powers, what’s the advantage of using them unless you’ve used that power all up? Besides, after you get new rechargeable powers, and if you used up the previous powers, you can’t play with them until they’re rechargeable or you get charge on it! So…not really in line with “we wanted to keep the powers such that you can play with any unlocked power.” It’s more like “we recently happened to raise our electricity bill by overusing the shower, so…”

Also, it’s much more difficult so spot your new powers. The plug icon should be golden to stand out.

However, I do like that the powers refresh faster, and the “acquire your new rechargeable powers!” thing is appealing.

IDK…look into it.

P.S. Sorry if this isn’t inside the appropriate area, since there’s already a thread. However, in the 1.5.0 updates, the moderators took time to say “this isn’t the appropriate thread,” when the negative reviews were floating around, but even then, we never really got a response to any of our posts, except for the first couple of days after the update. After that, the devs and moderators retired to “This is not the appropriate forum” or “Read our reasoning here…” So, just in case.





In my opinion the rechargeable powers just need a little change, for them to be OK.

Lets say none of your powers has points/power. Then rechargeables are free and you do not use energy. At the moment they change every second game.

This is both, noncompetitive and annoying. Yesterday i got 3 defensive modules to play, most people wont be able to win at all with them. Since they change so much you cannot play with your main combo.

- My suggestion -

The button “Request new free powers” will activate after two games, but you do not need to change your powers. If you dont like them, you can change them after 2 games. If you like them, they stay up to lets say 20 hours. This would encourage people to play a little more.

For the monetizing, you could probably take 1 energy to refresh your free powers. Also the 2 free energies per day need to return.

Also this automatically destroys your idea of a refund, because it eats up the playpoints.


It’s a good idea but they will never implement this cuz then they will incur significant losses in their profits cuz u have basically removed a big incentive to buy energy.

and what one has no energy? so they are stuck with the powers for the next 20 hours and then the powers will be refreshed without the use of energy?

It’s a good idea. But given that the players are happy with the current system, they wont change it. I guess we are stuck with this. We aren’t seeing any “reverse the update” outrage we saw after 1.5.0.


or maybe not… cuz that monetization idea is good cuz it takes energy to refresh the powers and that will def. lead to the expenditure of energy…
DEVS pls consider this idea.


YES, that were my thoughts.


The thing is, this is why we introduced this new system, to allow people to play with different powers without paying anything (without having to wait 24h).


Sure, and that is a great idea. But really frustrates me if i have a combination i like and i can only play with it for 2 games and woop its gone :joy:

With my suggestion i think both the monetization thing and the players personal preferences could be hit. But i am not sure if it would work. Still worth a try imo :joy:


Yes, but you could have kept them free or something…I’m not allowed to pay. I don’t know if the majority does in the actual game either, however.


so every time i get used to a system it gets changed. and not for the best in my opinion. I agree that the plug should be a different color so it stands out. But the system with the rechargables is not a step forward. I don’t like the idea of switching every 2 games.


Also, what’s the point of using only the rechargeable powers unless you have 0 games left on one of these modules that is now rechargeable? It discourages people from trying to gain rank for fun when they have already collected their crates. It’s a gamble: you lose X1 for each module, but you aren’t sure whether you’re going to gain rank, lose rank, or get a good crate. This adds a factor of stress in.


Well not really without paying anything, it still uses up the uses you got on a module. This update just took away the possibility of being able to play with your favourite power for a decent amount of games and I believe that is what players want. Trying something goofy like Angle Turns for one or two games might be fun but in the end everybody has some item combinations he prefers playing. I definitely prioritise being able to play some games with my favourite item combinations over being able to play two games with Angle Turns “for free” (given I haven’t got any uses for it left) every eighteen games.

In general saying it allows people to play with different powers without paying anything kind of has a bitter taste to it, as this update might have been a little improvement in that sense but only after Update 1.5.0 killed the possibility to play with every power you want as long as you want to for free.

Same goes with the refunds as Line stated already. Giving points for updated modules and then making them nearly worthless later seems kind of mocking (don’t get me wrong I don’t feel like we deserve any kind of refund but why even give one if it’s wortheless anyway).

In the long run the only possibility to play with something else than the rechargeable powers for a decent amount of games is to buy energy. There is not even a possibility to unlock something forever by paying, it really is a simple you pay per game you play system. While Update 1.5.0 already was a step in the wrong direction in this case at least you could still save up uses. Now that is not possible anymore and - as stated in the Discord - fully intentionally. The purpose of the update was to make saving up uses impossible because “they never were intended to be saved up”.

Seeing this game take this direction is just sad. A big amount of the fun you could have in Curve Fever Pro was from trying out different item combinations. But not for two games every fifty or more games but playing them for some time, so you could improve and actually compete with a item combination that maybe was a bit off-meta but had a cool playstyle. This aspect of the game has completely vanished now, as I can not imagine a world where I would pay just so I can have a bit of fun with Invisibility for some games.

The worst part is that apparently the developers want the game to be like this and it’s not something that just happened by accident. Guess I’ll have to find something else to play…


I’m afraid of seeing Curve Fever Pro going the way, it now takes. After the latest update, I’m not able to play the game in the way, I used to. The idea of implementing a kind of energy system was okay-ish and acceptable. But now we are forced to use randomly chosen items, which even consume left uses, even if they are rechargable? Do you really want to completly destroy competitive ranking and game fun, because you want to find new ways to earn money?

You are now beginning to make Curve Fever Pro worse, and you used to improve the game from update to update. Now it starts to get an annoying “pay to play” game. You should soon find a solution or change it back to a tried and tested game system, before taking away the awesomeness of the game.

I’m happy to see a change soon. I’ll probably stop playing this game, whilest having to wait for my energy to recharge.

PS: Have you considered renaming your game to “Curve Fever Pay”? … Sorry, just joking. But I hope you get my message. Get more empathic and listen to your community, dear developer team. @XCS


Yeah, Geert talked about the updates taking steps towards a “core vision.” So far, the recent updates seem to be about money. Was that the core vision? Make the game pay to play?


this would be cool like the system with the 3 free daily powers, then give 3 powers every 3 hours or so instead of what it was before. I don’t enjoy the game a much as I used to. I think that we as a community, the ones who love en support the game, deserve an answer with a solution. Still wanting to be respectful, but I am looking for an alternative which isn’t there. feels like cheating on CF lol