Recent turret update has a flaw



Hi! Recently you have changed turrets to steal always 1 point instead of 1%. After this update, one can drop below 0 points in a round, which then is switched to max 32bit int (4294967295) in the next round, which essentially makes you a winner.
Round 1:

Round 2:


OMG LOL :joy: they srsly forgot that haha… amazing did you actually win tho?


Yes, the guy with max int points won.


This guy totally broke the record for most points in the game (ever) xD
(Imagine getting zapped with that much points…)


Can you send the match code from the match? I want to see it :joy:


Yeah, unfortunately we were too excited to see that much of points and we’ve all just let ourselves die (while laughting) instead of trying to steal him. :slight_smile:


Sorry, i have blindly pasted replay of my last match, but apparently the one we’re talking about has not been saved. :worried:


we reproduced it :joy:
it bugged out after the second round though, it also did not affect the battlepoints


and anohter one

after the second round we thought the game was finished, since it gave us the results but then after like 15 seconds we started another round :smile:


Yes, we have probably also encountered that.
Please note that in subsequent rounds (after “We have a winner” screen) you have:

  1. “normal” amount of points on the battlefield
  2. abnormal amount of points on the round summary (which is again “We have a winner” screen)


Fixed in next patch build :sweat_smile:


Lol today I will just try to lose points :laughing:


Personally i liked 1% over 1 point, so i hope you’ve just restored that.:wink:


Wow, these powers aren’t balanced at all! One clock-block fever takes 400797759 points, that’s unfair!!!


Wow :rofl::rofl: I wish there was a way to beat that guy legitimately :stuck_out_tongue: