Reasons why I'm quitting


I’m going to quit :frowning: . This game’s dead, there’s 50 thousand bugs, no one is online (50 ppl at any given time), there hasn’t been a game update in 20 years, and it’s so boring doing the same thing over and over again every single effing time. There’s no diversity in this game. All you do is quickplay. Steal points, shoot, survive, win. Also, about 3/4 of everyone online everyday is literally a bronze or a silver. If you end up choking or dying to a stupid bug, getting disconnected, or a million other bugs that happen, then you end up losing 20 and have to work another hour just to get it back. It’s just no fun anymore. I can’t even enjoy the game. That’s why I’m quitting.

The bugs/lack of new content:
Everyone can agree with me on this: there’s wayy too many bugs in curve. Everything from auto turn (where you turn for no reason) to air deaths, (where you die in the middle of the air for absolutely no reason), these all make the game unplayable. The lag is horrible, and even with my 5 GIGABYTE WIFI I can’t even go a single freaking match without bugging or lagging my butt off. Not to mention how tedious doing the same thing over and over again is. All you can do in this game are either custom matches (which get old kind of quickly), or quickplay (which gets old very quickly). Some powers (like zap and scatter) are way too op. Powers need a rework, bugs need to be patched, but there hasn’t been a game update in like an effing year. I’m not talking about the update where they botched angle or altered like 1% to low rez fever or something like that. I’m talking about an actual update, like when they added 180, teleport, and dash to the game. They said they were going to release a new battle pass on April 30th, but turned out to be some huge joke. Real funny. haha. Everyone was so hyped about it, including me. I bought a lot of gems, just to get the new battle pass, then it turns out that it’s not even frikin real. Great job devs. Nice way to make your players love you.

No fun/lack of players
Okay, so I already mentioned how tedious quickplay is. The game was already getting boring a few months ago, since players started dropping like flies. Now, I’d say a good 97% of my friends list (about 500+ ppl) have dropped out of cfp, never to be seen again. All I have to play against are bronze 3s or silver 3s that don’t know how to play the game. And the few actually good players online, (dia+) are scattered across the only 3-5 matches going on in the entire game. I mean, cmon. Also, if I want to do quickplay, I have to go into a sever, watch a 30 second ad, wait 30 freaking minutes for some bronze 3s to join, just so I can get a +1 trophy score. I’m sick of it. This game probably gets 2 new players every week, and I’d say 70% of them drop out and don’t play again.

This game’s turned into more of a discord group than an actual game you can play and have fun.

Everyone just spectates and talks to each other, because there’s no freaking matches on for them to play in. No one actually joins the matches and plays, because either the queue’s full, or if it’s a quickplay, they don’t want to waste half an hour to play a single match.

Well anyway. These are all the negatives.
The positives: This game can still be revived. Release a new update or two every few months, maybe fix some lag/bugs, and people might start playing again. I’ve had lots of good memories in this game, and I hope I have a reason to play again. And if you were one of my friends, then bb <3 I’m gonna miss u.

Also, the only reason why I applied for mod was so I could have something to do, and an excuse to actually keep playing cfp. Lol
(and I wanted to be hoho 2.0)

Sincerely: Leadingsnow


As I post this, there’s 1 match going on with 7 players. This in itself should be a good enough reason for quitting (lol).


Well, sad to see you go, but I get it. I’d just comment on updates - we did have one bigger update (teams), and battlepass wasn’t a joke - it was just delayed, Rojoss works on it for free and when he has time, he’s not paid for it afaik. Same goes for update every few months that you said you wanted - there is no dev, who is paid to work constantly on the game. Which is sad, but we can’t do much about it.

Anyway, hope you came back (and I’m sure you will :stuck_out_tongue:), cya till then :smiley:


Goodbye then, enjoy your life outside of this game.


have a nice life


peace g <3


Completely agree with your arguments. This game needs a complete update at all kinds, including servers efficiency and power balance. I’m actually surprised we don’t have any active dev, a true dev that doesn’t think about money and wants to help the community making the game better. Why is that hard to change the power steal percentages in a source code? Why CF2 had better collision detection and was lack of bugs? Why do we protect admins about battlepass that still hasn’t been released and will probably not? If you can’t do anything, let us do the work for you, make this game open-source, so we can make a fair, competitive and enjoyable environment that rewards its players’ skill and experience. Your lack of commitment represents an enormous threat to that, through conduct that is malicious and purposely intended to harm its community.


Hate to see you go, you have been one of my good friends on the forum but why do you say the game has no ppl online bro u must live in that one time zone where no1 online


lol byeeeeeee


I feel it too

Sorry to see you go