Rawil's guide for a smoother game experience CF 2/3/Pro



I made similar guides in the past but this is a now an updated and more complete one.


Adobe Flash projector / standalone - USE AN OLD VERSION🔥

A projector is considered the best for performance on Curve Fever 2.

    I heard that many times how some older versions are more consistent for cf but I always thought that’s an urban legend but after doing some testing comparing FP 31 vs 18 I had significant more consistent fps and ping in the older FP18.
    Here is a link to FP 18 which I uploaded to my google drive.
  2. When the download is complete, run the program and pin it to the taskbar or your desktop if you want.
  3. Access File -> Open, and copy and paste this link: http://curvefever.com/CF_Preloader.swf, then press OK.

Turn hardware acceleration on/off

I moved after 6 years from a 500€ laptop to a 2k pc but cf2 didn’t run as good as it did on the laptop.
And enabling this little option was apparently the last puzzle piece to get a smooth performance.

This option is important if you play on a pc with a graphics card but if you aren’t sure or don’t have any GC you can still try turning it on/off to see if makes any difference.
Just follow as shown.


Fix long login and rejoin times - disable IPv6

For some reason, cf2 loads very (very) long for some people when IPv6 is enabled. Also when trying to join or rejoin rooms.
You can google how to disable IPv6 for your ethernet/wifi (whatever u use when u play cf).
or you check my video, it takes less than a minute to fix it. (I disabled IPv6 for my ethernet in windows)


CF Pro

General Tricks

Windows energy options - High performance mode

Useful for (weak) portable laptops but causes higher battery usage.

Disabling visual effects of Windows

Nice performance boost especially for netbooks but please read every feature you disable before you start wondering why Windows looks different.

Windows 10 Game Mode

If you run a fairly new Windows 10 version you are able to activate the Game Mode for any program/game you have.

All you have to do is open the program for which you want to have the Game Mode open. So this would work with every standalone CF2/3 and Pro. I don’t recommend using this with a browser.

  1. Open your standalone
  2. Press the Windows Key + G
  3. Follow as shown in the gif
Disable Windows 10 background services - Anti-spy tool - Part 1/2

This is a pretty useful program which is made to get rid off many spy “features” Windows 10 has. Disabling them not only protects your privacy but also improves the performance of your pc. It’s a must-have for every Windows 10 computer imo.

(be careful with what you disable or just go with the recommended settings; don’t forget to restart your pc so the changes show effect) (There are similar programs for Windows 7 and 8)
O&O ShutUp10 - Free antispy tool for Windows 10

Disable Windows 10 background services - Anti-spy tool - Part 2/2

This is a similar program called WPD just with some different options.
Quite straight forward.

As always take a minute and read what you are disabling. And don’t forget to restart your PC.
Download it at-> WPD Homepage.

Razer Cortex: Game Booster - full setup

This can make meaningful differences especially for old bloated pcs but takes some steps to setup.
Download it from the Razer Homepage.

  1. Installing it is quite straight forward.
  2. Once it’s installed and you run it for the first time you have to create a Razer account. It’s annoying but worth it.
  3. After you got it running you should add your games to the library. Click on the plus symbol to add a game and then find the exe file of your standalone.
  4. I recommend disabling the Gamecaster to save performance and applying the recommended tweaks (you can restore every change you make).
  5. You should go under “BOOST” and enable “Automatically start Boost” and
    just go with the recommended settings and skip this step or do this:
  • Select all processes you don’t need/want running while you play (google the EXE name in case you got no clue what it is)
  • I wouldn’t check mark any more than the recommended Services (also here you should at least once read what you are disabling)
  • Check which Non-Windows-services you don’t need running while playing
  • No need to stop more than the ones selected by default under “Others”

Every process/service you selected under BOOST now will be stopped whenever you start a game which is in your library and then restarted once closed.

6. Now everything should be right and you should be able to make use of the boost as long Razer is running in the background when you start your games regularly or over the tray like shown here.

Advanced nerd tricks - if u don’t consider yourself a nerd, stay away

Nagle’s Algorithm

It’s quite complex and a bit controversial. Don’t try it if you don’t know what you are doing.
Click here.

Playing from a ramdisk

Moving your game files or browser onto your ram can give you a more consistent game performance especially if you are playing on an HDD.
But it’s also pretty overkill.
Here a tutorial to set it up.
And my software of choice: SoftPerfect RAM Disk 3.4.8

Windows 10 LTSB - a slim bloat-free version

It’s actually not meant and recommended for personal private use but imo and others in the power user gaming scene Windows 10 LTSB is quite popular.
I used all tricks I knew on a new strong PC build of mine, and CF2 was still not smooth. I got rid of all freezes by switching to Windows 10 LTSB. Now CF2 is butter smooth for me and without this special Windows version, I probably would have quitted CF2 by now.

You can download it from all kinds of websites and active it with keys from such as eBay.
It’s one of the more tricky ways to get more consistent performance in all games so if you need help setting it up to hit me up on discord or here.

Tips Against lag spikes
Lag while unvanishing
Curve Fever Pro - Beginner's guide
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