Rather wait in queue



It’s in the title. It’s not really fun for me or them if I stomp them. And getting +0 for fucking first place is stupid.

Instead let me wait in the queue a bit longer and match me with some other good players.


how long have you been in queue, and what is your mmr?


I was at 1399 when this happened twice in a row. Both times the queue took only a few seconds.

I’m at 1410 something now. My ingame name is the same as my username here.


The rooting cause is that there aren’t a lot of players in matchmaking que. It averages from 8-10 people almost 24/7. The proportion between lower waiting time and going against similar rank and ships are COMPLETELY opposite. I’ve heard other pro players like @Legolas claim how bored they are since they get easy victories.

I’m not exactly sure how to tackle this idea, but I know that this is beneficial for newer players, and a headache for experts. All the pros can do is wait for custom games and tournaments…


This also what we thought, that pros will be willing to wait 1-2 minutes for slower but better matchmaking, but it turned out they didn’t, there are many posts on the forum from people complaining the queue took too long.

The matchmaking accuracy will improve as more people start playing CurveFever Pro.


This also what we thought, that pros will be willing to wait 1-2 minutes for slower but better matchmaking

Would it be much work if on the matchmaking screen you could just put a button similar to like it’s in route planners: Quicker / Default / Accurate?

Sure like you say there are those who prefer not to wait too long, and those like @TeamTim who would prefer not to play the game with people way below their level, so it’s not possible to balance it by one arbitrary decision (of course when there is a lot more players it’ll improve by itself, but nobody knows how fast this moment would arrive) - but since I assume the matchmaking just has some threshold relative to how long the player already waits, you could just allow this option that would change the threshold depending on setting. And if this was displayed on matchmaking screen, one could easily just e.g. change it to Quick mid-waiting if they decide the wait is already too long and they prefer to jump into a less accurate match.


This is why you play on lvl 1 ships with only fevers.


I thought about something similar but not a button.

Matchmaking should take in consideration how unique players played in like the past 1h.
So for example in the evening when there are many players matchmaking doesn’t just match up players instantly because it’s “good enough” and instead waits just 20 seconds or so to make it as accurate as possible without prolonging the queue too much.
And at night the matchmaking knows there aren’t many unique players so it demands less “similar” ship levels and ranks.
I hope that makes sense.

I played once at night and there were 7 players in the queue for almost two minutes without anything happening until one player left after another. I don’t think it should be like that.

But if we can get a button that should be also fine.

Dev Blog 09 - Matchmaking

oh really? Didnt see anyone, thought everyone had my opininion haha . I’d like better games for longer queue also