Rap Song About CFP's Crew



I wrote a rap song for this. Enjoy!
(For the song, use this)

So now they’re here;
Rojoss and Geert too–
And if you know the song,
Then you’ll join in singing too.
Put your hands and ears close,
And closer to this screen;
Because this rap song will be better
Than Drake’s and Jay-Z’s.

Curve Fever Pro.
Curve Fever is here!

Let’s first show you Legolas.
He’s the king of all pros.
He will use a Trigger,
And intimidate a foe.
If you get close,
He will shout in rage–
Whereas he will use his techs
And blow them away.
He’s big and bad,
and stronger too.
He’s the #1 player
Of the CF crew!

Curve Fever Pro.
Curve Fever is here!

Second, here’s Anja;
She’s the queen of the game.
She’s may be pretty,
But she could kick some tail!
She’s quick and little,
And she even wanted to.
It’s what she is:
A female leader in the crew!
So if you fought against her,
Are you choosing wrong?
Yes, 'cause she’s the Shao Kahn
Of the CF game, dudes!

Curve Fever Pro.
Curve Fever is here!

I have no style,
I have no grace;
But what I can do
Is cause some funny craze!
I use Double Multi,
And worships it too.
It’s the Lord of all modules,
so I have to trust it 'till I have no clue!
Hit other players
Is the best place for that,
And even if I keep losing,
I won’t surrender for (language!).

Curve Fever Pro.
Curve Fever is here!

So here’s the last,
And you see him everyday.
It’s Chileanway,
And you can’t deny this day!
He’s the platinum player,
And he has great potential,
He might be limited,
But he’s hecka better than Shulk.
Remember kids,
If you meet him,
Just use a good combination
But you will cry and whimp.
His exceptions is that’s he’s too big,
And he can’t grab a lot of points;
But he has perseverance;
And that’s his joint!

(Hit it Averazon;
Take it to the fridge!)

Shot, mines,
Defensive modules smell;
L.A.S.R.'s and Time Bombs,
And Stealth Mine shells!
(Yeah! Whoo!)

The End

So, how did I do? Tell me what you think by putting it in the comments. :wink:


Thx for making smile bruh :joy::joy::+1:,i really enjoy your topics,even though some of them are too long :monkey: :musical_note: . I think there was a song composed ,was related with cf2 though


You should record it next time! :yum:
:raised_hands: :raised_hands:


It doesn’t rhyme in some places and I’m kinda (extremely) annoyed.


this must be put in CFradio
It’s that’s still a thing


Technically speaking-- in some rapping songs-- there are some times where certain words don’t perfectly rhyme, but the sound the words end with are similar.

Ex: Rage and Away (they don’t rhyme in your perspective, but the ending sound of the words almost match up)

So, it’s possible to use ‘Craze’ and ‘Grace’, ‘Potential’ and ‘Shulk’, etc. while rhyming.

All I’m saying is that you can rhyme and have the sounds at the end of the words sound similar and still call it a rhyming scheme, because eve if there’s no perfect ending syllables, it’s plausible to use it. :wink:


every day bro with the curve fever flow


I have restored faith in this community. Nice rap!


@Averazon that was so terrible of you to even speak of that unspeakable song its so cringy and bad