Ranking Points


When I played a round it said plus 179 points for 1rst then I got 1rts and plus 1 what the heck i this some bug or something because i could have been a higher rank then



for some reason it shows what you will get minus in last place as your reward for first


he won’t get -179 from getting lats


was it in a custom game?


custom games 1st place points seem to be broken


its a bug look scoreboard for right info


It always happens to me in Quickplay.


no it waz not


me too, every time


look :


I won and got +7




Yea this is a known bug. I hope it will be fixed soon.


for a custom room i got 1st and got a bronze crate? is that normal or definitely a bug?


Everyone in custom room get bronze crates,doesnt matter the place u get there,personally i only play custom games to get quicker crates than in quick games section (obviously only bronze crates)


@Paul_21cl ok thanks i didn’t know that