Ranking bug



So… I just won - 1st place - a game in Quick Play but the points/rank that I used to receive weren’t given.
Since there are players equal to and higher in ranking than me in the game it’s pretty rare for me to win. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here’s a screen of my match history; game played 2 minutes ago:

Yours sincerly,



Sometimes you just get +0 quite normal


It’s kinda weird when the game says “1st place reward: gold crate + 12 ranking points” and in the end the reward just gets cleared or something.


ok that is weird indeed :joy:


Still better than -1 for winning in quickgame (yeah i got that a month ago)


Wow, that’s just insane. :astonished: But with very low ranked players in the game, I assume?


Hmm that’s strange.


Well, what I find even more disturbing, is the fact that I do not have a trace of that game in my match history.

You say I played this game, but I don’t recall it at all!

Edit: found it, false alarm! xD



Haha exactly that game. The ranksystem was greedy that time.


Looks like when handing out the rewards the server thought it was an unranked custom room because everyone got 0 points :frowning: