Rank System




Sorry to hear that you feel like this about the game. The ranking system is based on how the game predicts you to play. This causes gains and loses. The friend feature and all other things you wanted are important to the developers. Please know that they are doing their best and want to make to game as awesome as possible. As a player, you can make suggestions! Making suggestion has a more positive impact instead of saying you do not like it. We take feedback serious so feel free to tell us in detail on how you would like it :slight_smile:


Well i dont really mind about rank. But i worked much to be that high and lost it because of one bad script. I think the rank system is giving too big + or -. I have a lot of ideas to share but no time now :wink:


Well, I totally support you @44FrenchFries. Today I played with #1 (and several gms) and won the match while I was Gold.

Can you predict how much I got? Ok, I’m sure you’re wrong with your prediction :slight_smile:

@Averazon asked for suggestions. I already had some about point system. But the system at the moment doesn’t really work as devs describe it. Or does the system suggest that I should play at about the level of #1 when he has 2100 points and I have 1400? Hard to believe.


This is what happens when someone thinks they are smarter than elo and glicko… Just use a tested system, ffs.


Ye. I think this rank system gives you random minus to force you to play more to get your rank back.


That’s also how glicko works, from Wikipedia:

The RD measures the accuracy of a player’s rating, with one RD being equal to one standard deviation. For example, a player with a rating of 1500 and an RD of 50 has a real strength between 1400 and 1600 (two standard deviations from 1500) with 95% confidence. Twice the RD is added and subtracted from their rating to calculate this range. After a game, the amount the rating changes depends on the RD: the change is smaller when the player’s RD is low (since their rating is already considered accurate), and also when their opponent’s RD is high (since the opponent’s true rating is not well known, so little information is being gained).

The problem is that this feels unfair, as your current rating change is affected more by your previous games than your current game. So you might win an get only +1 because the system thinks you are already the correct rank, or lose and get -100 because the system knows your current rank doesn’t match your actual skill.

We are looking into fixing the rank issues so it feels fair and make it easier to know what rank change to expect after a game.


Something is killing the numbers, though. The fluctuations are way too high, it feels like every other game you get catapulted across half the rank spectrum. Games shouldn’t regularly result in ±150. Maybe you guys can tweak some parameters to make the ranks a little less fluctuant?

I think part of the problem is still the knockout game mode. It undermines the purely skill based ranking system since it’s very easy even for a comparably better player to get killed early on in a game through bad luck (positioning, timing). As a result I’ve come to dread “easy” games against low ranking players, since there is little to gain and yet they always carry a chance of losing a lot, which you then have to earn back through a dozen of games of +5 wins.


i rather to play custom instead of a better rank system, although you guys r doing a great job


I hope at one point the ranking will be comprehensible like in cf2 (idk enough about cf3).

In cf2 with enough experience you can always estimate how a match will affect someones rank and that’s what I liked so much about that ranking system.

Maybe the ranking in CFP is a lot better (idek) but there really should be a better way to communicate why a match did affect someones rank how it did.
Way too often it seems legit random.



I understand your frustration regarding this important loss. If you lose -141, then I guess it’s possible to win 141, but how ? I remember winning 300 points in two games after experiencing a significant decrease of my rank.

This is not the first time I see people complaining the rank system. Maybe it’s a good moment to do suggestions. I will open a new topic with a proposed rank system if there is no topic already. Feel free to comment it or propose a new one :slight_smile:



“So you might win an get only +1 because the system thinks you are already the correct rank, or lose and get -100 because the system knows your current rank doesn’t match your actual skill.”

This is the problem. It isn’t the game’s choice to limit our rank improvements. If at one point we play badly because we are experimenting with modules or because we are trolling, and then we decide to start playing well, start tryharding with our favourite modules, our rank changes should immediately reflect that we have just changed from losing against silver rankers, to winning against 2000+ rankers. Certainly until we have custom matches ready, we should have a rank system that allows us to experiment with different modules, lose a couple of matches, and then not have a rank limit at 1700 despite beating a room full of GMs. (has happened a few times for me).


Have you ever played more than 500 games on cf3 or cf2? If I hear answers like "the system thinks… " or "It feels unfair, because of…"
I could not eat so much like I want to puke…for godsake than make the system think other!!!

People liked the old transparent rating system in cf3 or 2. Now you have introduced an intransparent mega complicatet piece of bull…probably 90% of people who like the competition of ranking HATE it like hell!!!

WHY JUST tell me WHY?

Never change a running system…ever heard about this?
And never seen a forum with so much negativ comments in 4 weeks after release like this.

As you can see and hear in my tone I´m completely running out of patience…can you please deactivate my forum account because If I come back in this mood I´m afraid to post such insulting and unconstructive things, that its shameful 4 me and hurtful 4 others at the end…

Please send this account to SLEEP. Yeah I mean this 4real not 1st april joke…If you dont do I make you do…THX

Sincerely Krush in rage :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::japanese_ogre:


I’m not far from rage quiting the game too…
Since the new game mode enabled (April 2018), I can’t win any game.
And this because I don’t use a killing weapon!!
I use speed, that gives absolutely no points…

So for the moment, I do a break of several days…
Perhaps back in May 2018…

Until then, I will play CF2, which still the best CF ever :crazy_face:


why?? happened today…

It’s not a big problem! I just want to understand the system



I have a question to devs: if you get +0 rank points for a win does it mean really 0 points or you actually can get something like “+0,545645” or similar? It would be much nicer to think that you got at least something after win rather than real 0 :smiley:


You get something below 0.5, but you still get something


Oh, that’s nice to know, thanks!