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From what I understand so far, the CFPro ranking system is as follows:

  • You can’t get more than +/-200.
  • If you win you cannot lose rank.
  • If you lose against players the system thinks you shouldn’t lose to, you don’t lose as much rank (because the system thinks that it was just bad luck or something!?!?)
  • If you win against players the system thinks you shouldn’t win against, you don’t gain as much rank (because the system thinks that your opponents have had bad luck!?!?)
  • The rank you see makes very little difference in the game as matchmaking is designed to put you up against people the system thinks is the same level.

Please can someone who knows the ranking system better than I do please tell me if I have understood the ranking system so far? I would love to give my feedback on the current ranking system (I have lots - including suggestions for improvements!), but I want to make sure that I definitely understand how it works first. I don’t mind if it isn’t possible to share the rank formulae, but it would at least be nice to understand what the “too complicated to explain or share” ranking system tries to achieve.

Points/rank system
The ranking is so screwed
Is it a joke?!
Is it a joke?!
Rank system and bugs and general opinion

I think it’s all correct except for the 3rd and 4th point. If you’re a #30 gm, and you lose to like 4 silvers and a gold, and the system knows you shouldn’t lose to them, you’ll get a lot of - rank. Vice versa for if you win and the system thought you wouldn’t

(I think don’t take this as I’m for sure correct lol)


That would make sense to me, but that wouldn’t explain how a top 10 gm will only get -7 for 6th place whereas I, around #50 versus similar ranked players, will get -76 for 4th.


-200 is still too many


RANK system still sucks


Ik right now I’m #50, and I got 4th lost to a couple of golds and -70. But like I played when I was #4, and I didn’t get as much. I know what you mean. They should touch up on those type of things. It’s probably just a little thing they need to fix so I think It’ll be fine in the next couple of days :slight_smile:


I agree don’t worry but they already did make improvements haha. And it’s easy to get rank back so no need to stress too much :wink:


So i beat everyone who is lower than me and lose to two people who are higher than me, how do i lose 40 rank?? That doesn’t match what one of the mods said before


Idek, no need to stress about rank because it is kinda bs atm. Hopefully they’ll fix it but for now just have fun cuz it’s a rlly gud game :slight_smile:


Even the limit of 200 is wrong, I once lost 290 I think. The complete ranking is shit right now and in my opinion they should update this before the rest because with this ranking it doesn’t make fun at all…


Someone pls post ranking formulas.


Lol It’s just all over the place, I can’t even describe how bad it is. I got like 5th a couple times and in total like -400 ish. I win a game and +11. Then i get 2nd the very next game and -24 LMAOOOOOO I gave up on the ranking


The ranking is one of the biggest myth around cf pro, even the devs by themself try to figure out every day again how it works…not very successful so far but don´t worry as soon as they know it, they will tell us.

A secret source also told me help is already on the way for them :alien:

Unfortunately there is a small chance that when THEY arrive, they make the decision to bring devs back to their homeplanet, because the mission to bring us an awesome game and soulcatcher will be declared as failed and confidential forever :shushing_face:

The ranking is so screwed
Points/rank system

Hello! A lot of people complain about unfair point system but no one really have some propositions. I will try :slight_smile: I think that the problem is that at the moment it’s too easy to lose points but it’s hard to get it back. For instance I see that most of GMs play at evening. So if i play at morning or in the afternoon I’ll have a lower rank matchup. But with knockout system you can sometimes be eliminated in second round by accident and get -180. Ok, so I need to win a lot of games after. But if I play with those whose rank is much lower than mine then I can’t win a lot of points even if I always win. For instance today I won the game with two golds and three lower ranks and got “+0” (I’m GM). Of course if I play with GMs and win everyone I can get +100, but well: match making is out of my control. So I would propose to make adequate limitations for maximum winning/losing points (probably something between 50-100) and a minimal reward for winning the match (so if the system thinks that I’m much better than all the opponents then I get at least +3 or +5 for winning instead of +0).


Hi curvers <3

Thank you very much @Owl for creating this important topic about the rank system. Also thank you to the other curvers who didn’t hesitate to share their feelings and feedbacks about the current system, this is how we will make a better future for CFP, instead of keeping silent.

From what I read, I saw more negative comments than positive comments concerning the rank.

I identify several issues :

  • the rank variation is too high
  • too risky when you get a high rank : you can lose a lot if you don’t finish first

Your feelings :

  • if you lose many points, you feel like you played all the previous games for nothing, it would be more safe to not play at all
  • hard to find motivation for getting the rank back (you will have to invest much time, maybe 10 games to get the rank back)

I just indicated the main ones so I probably forgot many others, feel free to complete.

I will propose a rank system, with all the poor and coins. Keep in mind there is no perfect rank system. I encourage you to suggest new rank systems too.


Firstly there are two main factors that affect a rank system - in general :

  1. waiting time
  2. rank balance

= > Both of these factors are directly correlated with the community size. I think the CF team has given more importance on the first factor : the waiting time. I personaly think it’s a good strategy when you release a new game. The CFP community needs a significant expansion and I personally think the new coming players prefer waiting few seconds rather than few minutes. Also, if we wait only few seconds before starting a game, it means there are more games at the same time and consequently players who currently play, which help to find new bugs for the developers that need to be fixed asap.

Proposed rank system

My proposed rank system is inspired from Dota 2 (I play Dota for years now). An important note : CFP and Dota 2 are very different on three points :

  1. Dota 2 has a bigger team
  2. Dota 2 has a big community (more than > 100 000 players online)
  3. Dota 2 is mostly a team game

My proposed rank system puts more priorities on the rank balance rather than the waiting time.

Consequently, I imagine a system rank balancing where top players could play only with others top players or players with a very similar rank. Of course, it will cause a significant impact on waiting time. Instead of waiting few seconds, you would wait few minutes, maybe 10 minutes for the best players.

This first step would help to do the point balancing when the game ends if we do the hypothesis that the rank players are balanced (players in the room has approximately the same rank). I imagine a fixed/stable rank distribution.

Rank distribution
1st position = +30 points
2nd position = +20 points
3rd position = +10 points
4th position = -10 points
5th position = -20 points
6th position = -30 points

It sounds simple, but maybe there would be less surprise for everybody and if you finish last, then you know you can get your rank with only one game by winning the next one.

Such system, like all systems, has own benefits and weakness, feel free to comment and propose new systems, it’s the goal of this topic :slight_smile:



They say that its because of bonus points, but I don’t understand why they dont just use the same formula as curve fever 3 for producing a raw number. And just take away the +15 daily bonus points. ez.


I feel like the system should take into consideration the other players you are facing. If we used Destin’s rank distribution, you can find your deviation from the mean of ranks and use it as a multiplier. The multiplier could be limited by the mean absolute deviation. For example, if the ranks were {1800, 1600, 1600, 1500, 1400, 1400} the mean is 1550. If 1800 person lost first, he would lose 30 * ((1800-1550)/116), or lose about 45 points.


Idk, might not work, I’m no genius, but hope it gives you guys some ideas. You can also make it more fluctuant.

Curve Fever Pro Update Notes | 05-04-2018 | 1.0.13

In my opinion it’s fine to use only limits for highest and lowest points. But global question: what was wrong with cf3 system? Why can’t you use it? I like it!

Please fix the ranking -.-

Hi. I played today one game and died in air without a reason. And KO, nice. I was #21 and look at this:

I got lovely -278 because of bug. I lost 6 ranks! Is it fair? This rank system should be changed. And there is one problem more: you can get a - when u won the game. It is logical, isnt it?
This game looks like an alfa of game. It shouldnt be released yet. I wont play this game anymore if the rank system and deaths in air wont be fixed. This game has potential, but now its bugged too much.
And the crates are problematic too. You must wait 20 hours to open it and in this time you cant change modules in your ship. I dont mind about waiting but if i would like to change modules i must wait one day or pay some gems. Crates should be open when you played specific amount of games, for example basic crates-5 games, bronze crates-10 games, silver crates-20 games and gold ones-30 games. It will be encouraging to play this game more. And you will have an option to open crates for gems.
There are some advantages. The music is very good, I really like it. And the graphic is ont the high level.
This is my general opinion about this game. Thank you for reading.

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Crate system is bad, need too much waiting, no motivation to stay

Well i was #36. WAS. I had game with some golds, one gm and legolas. Legolas had gold, 1 he is so good, we all know. I was 2nd and got -141. Are you kidding me?! This rank system is a joke. @Rojoss @KevWatch Is it a bug or your perfect rank system? Well i think its time to leave this game. You cant make the rank system like in cf3? It was far better without this dumb - or +. I really enjoy your fantastic work with introducing new game-breaking powerups like speedy fever and nerfing it when some jeaulos kids say its too op, because they havent it. You better should make rank system more fair, add something like friendlist (i dont think its that hard to do) or eliminate some bugs first. At the start this game was something like 1/10 of full game and now its only getting worse. I know rank means nothing but to get that high place i worked so much and lost a lot of time.
Thank you for reading