Rank Reset | 13-08-2018


Hello everyone! :heart:

After the new game mode went live and we got to play a few games, we noticed that some players got the hang of it quite fast while others struggled a little to adapt to the new gameplay. We then started discussing the possibility of a rank reset. However, we wanted to ask you first if you wanted one or not, hence the poll I made a few days ago. :eyes:

Long story short: 31 voted - 74% voted “Yes” - 7% voted “No” - 19% voted “I don’t care”.

In conclusion, the people have spoken and we’ll reset ranks to 900 points on Monday, August 13th.

In order to preserve the effort you all put into achieving your ranks, the difference between your current ranks and the value it will reset to, will become bonus points. These bonus points can be unlocked by playing and players should get them back pretty quickly.

In the meantime, I hope you all have a fun weekend :smile:!