Rank Question



Id appreciate some help with rank please, I’m gold 4.

First question does diamond go from 8 upto 1 like gold does?

The reason I ask is because I beat someone who was gm96 and he went all the way back to diamond 8. Thats a heck of a lot of points to lose especially if 8 is only just above gold 1?

But then literally 10 minutes later I saw him back at gm98, so he must have gotten hundreds of points in what could have only been 1 or 2 matches.

I seem to be stuck at the top of gold, lingering around gold 4 to gold 2, getting at most 6 or 11 rank points even if I beat a gm. Sure I lose games too, I get how it works with the points.

So my other question is, how on earth did one drop back so far, and pull forward so quick? My only assumption is that once in diamond you start getting hundreds of points for a win instead of 6-11?

Please help me understand the scale of diamond to gm, in comparison to the grind between gold 8 and gold 1, thanks


Diamond goes up from 8 to 1 as well. Diamond starts at 1600, I think GM 99 is currently at rank 1640 or something.

The guy probably had a rank of like 1650 (that made him GM 96) and went to 1630 or something which caused him to fall out of the top 100. Being a GM has nothing to do with silver/gold/diamond, it is just to show who is in the top 100 and who is not!


Ahh that clears it up thank you, so theres not many points inbetween diamond ranks like gold. I assumed that like gold, each rank would be every 50 points, so another 400 in total to get through.

Thats reassuring, so when I was gold 2, I really wasnt as far off competing for gm as I initially thought! :slight_smile:


So diamond is more of a stop gap between gold and gm (pointswise) I appreciate you clearing that up cheers :slight_smile: man 40 points between diamond 8 and 99, thats hugely reassuring, I thought it would take forever lol


This is the most recently updated top 100, so you can see how close you are to making it up there! :smile: