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Ok so trying to make sense of the way rank is calculated, and I already asked briefly in another topic and it was explained roughly how it works but Im really looking for a more detailed answer as it’s not making sense to me right now.

Ill give an example from 2 matches I just had (Im gold 1 currently)

1 st match, I come 3rd behind 2 gms and actually lost rank

the 2nd match I came 3rd behind a gm and a gold that was below me and no rank change

So apparently I lose more rank for being beaten by gms than those below me? Its also happened where Ive maybe come 2nd to a silver and gained a few ranks somehow, or been slaughtered in a room full of gms and still somehow gained a bit of rank.

The only thing I can think of to explain it is if coming 1st in a round plays a part in it? If coming 1st in a number of the rounds gets you some rank regardless of the level of players then maybe thats why its fluctuating As sometimes you win a few rounds but points get taken right at the end. Although saying that I had a match earlier where I won most rounds but had points taken at the last minute and ended up 2nd to a gold and lost rank :confused:

Please help me with some facts and figures on how exactly the game calculates what you receive.

Thanks so much for your help much appreciated :slight_smile:


Nothing complex about the rank system. The badges of players has no relevance on how many points you lose/gain. The only thing that matters is the average rank of the players in the room .e.g You will gain more rank playing against 5 gold 1’s (1550) than you do against Gm1 (2100), Gm2 (1900) and 3 other silver 8’s (700).


Thanks Legolas, that makes sense and helps clear up my confusion over some of the results. It does kinda suck though when I have a tense battle with a couple of gms in the room and try hard to win, but dont gain much rank because the others brought the average down. Or have a real tense fight against a bunch of lower levels which were actually deranked gms, and end up losing a lot of rank. I’m not complaining, I guess everyone is in the same boat :slight_smile:


the ranking system is based on your opponents in the room. Based on this there is an expectation result calculated. If you do better than the expected result, you will earn points, if you do worse, you will lose points. So if you got 3rd, and 2 gms ended above you or below you, doesn’t matter. It matters that you got third.

Beside that we do some fancy stuff with ‘uncertainties’ about a players rank, crate rankings (meaning you can’t cheat your rank to get a lot of gold crates) and we have a bonus pool of rank points that you can earn by playing the game.


Thanks Geert :slight_smile: I think I just need to improve my game I hope it didnt sound like I was complaining about the rank system. Thats reassuring about the uncertainties as previously I witnessed one player in a room full of afk guests and someone else told me that person was known for using multiple accounts to gain fake top 100. I still see the player in quickplay but he leaves every time asif he entered the wrong room by mistake.


If you play a crate game in customs, does it affect crate rank?


also can you get gold crates in custom unranked rooms? Was thinking about doing my dailys there to save my rank


u can only get bronze crates in custom,doesnt matter the place u got there


Thanks, hmmm that does explain why some players are trying to get their guest accounts into the same quickplay match… I think there should be an IP detection for quickplay, or ranked rooms, where if the same IP is recognised across the players no rank or crate is received

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