Rank boosting


I’m sure that is subjective, man. Considering how much of a plateau Legolas left and how hard Ho^3 has been trying I would guess he would disagree. And yeah, you’re still nitpicking the parallel, which was not implying that the no.1 spot is equivalent to tourney victor in every single aspect. My point still stands.

Also what Owl said is a fact. He is not even calling Panzer a cheat, he is saying that it is understandable for Ho^3 to be upset when someone cheats, which is a different thing to say. I would agree with you that people are jumping the gun here, no matter however “obvious” they may think Panzer cheating may be. I really hope this topic stops getting sidelined and that devs look into it if they still have IP logs around.


I honestly could see where Owl was going with the parallel, but it is just flat wrong to be made. Complaining about someone teaming in the HIGHEST tier of games such as tournament is totally different than complaining about someone getting to gm1 on another way.

Take this for an example, imagine that there are 2 game modes in a game, one being a competitive and the other one being casual game mode. Take that the winner of a competitive game mode was found to be breaking rules in order to win it. Now, the another person in the casual game mode was also found to be cheating to win it, can you make a parallel about these two? I cannot, maybe you can.

Now, about the gossips, Owl clearly said that it’s right to be upset when someone cheats to win, indirectly pointing out that Panzer was cheating, i.e. playing with bunch of themselves in the custom games. If he used “if” instead of “when”, it’d be applicable.


The example you made is even more of a valid comparison than the one we were arguing about. Complaining about unfair play is complaining about unfair play, you’re nitpicking the differences in the circumstances to say that the comparison is not valid. I feel that it’s a subjective thing to say whether the two sides are equal which you have very strong feelings are not and that is completely fine, but the comparison is absolutely valid. I’m sure you would agree that Ho^3’s feelings would tilt the other way. Obviously, a tourney victory takes more skill than most have, but so does Gm1 and it takes a lot of time and input, hence his anger is justified which is all Owl meant, and his comparison has since been dissected far beyond recognition

Also saying “it’s understandable for him to be upset if someone cheats to win” can also be understood to be an accusation by Owl, which I think is a misinterpretation. Many of my friends here have assumed the worst of Panzer and Owl did not do that when we spoke about it in quickchat earlier which was the only reason I felt like I needed to step in. I think it is not cool to question his actions as a moderator.


Your correct hrvat that I wrote incorrectly in my comment. We don’t know if panzer cheated or not but it would be nice to check. All I was trying to say that it’s not nice to say that you despise people for just talking about something more than once. Especially when it doesn’t concern you.

But you are correct, I wrote wrongly about Panzer, we don’t know if he cheated or not. Also sorry about not realising you played in the October tournament.


Alright guys now we have to wait for move from devs. Our talk here wont change anything.
Bye and have a nice evening! :slight_smile:


I agree, I’ll close this now since it has gone way off-topic.