Rank boosting


Well Panzer is #1 and in quickplay queue rn


Yup, totally deserved kappa


What is your problem @Hrvat, what did i make to you


You’re overrated, and Panzer is #1

You are crying too much about the rank, forums - ingame - discord, like it will bring anything to you. Just play the game 24/7 without crying/moaning about your life mission of being a gm1 and it will be all fine.

Sorry, but I despise these people.


“despise”, “moaning”, “life mission”? So much irritation just about someone who wants to be the best at something, even a game. I feel sorry for you Hrvat.


Added to what nick said, hohoho is probably the best active player at the moment. So its understandable for him to be upset when someone cheats to win. Its the same as when you complained nonstop about the 2nd tournament.

Honestly you wrote about the same if not more in discord and forum about ozzzj and wojtas than hohoho has about panzer xD and you didn’t even participate in that tournament.


C’mon guys, tying to keep it happy here!


@Hrvat participated in this tournament.

Ive just found the rules of cfpro:

When playing Curve Fever Pro, the following will be referred to as poor behaviour and will be punishable or correctable by the moderators and Hidden Monster Games staff. This includes, but is not limited to and can encompass other infractions, based on the discretion of Hidden Monster Games and the moderators.

Exploiting in-game systems;
Leaving numerous games on purpose;
Abusing in-game systems

Boosting is exploiting in-game systems. You should take a look on panzer’s account. And yes, i dont care who is #1. But rules are here for some purpose.


I am not as much irritated as Hohoho is for Panzer being #1. He is constantly spamming in-game chat, forums and discords of how he will reach the famous #1 spot.

I could careless if he is trying to be the best, whilst he is not, just stop posting everywhere of your life mission.

Pretty sure you’d be also annoyed if I started opening 10 posts of my life goals, constantly spamming discord of me reaching it and crying how someone got it before I did


I’ve participated in the tournament, so get your false facts right. Jesus, how stubborn people can be.

Also, if you’re going to make a parallel between TEAMING up in an OFFICIAL tournament as a MODERATOR with a POSSIBILITY of farming up rank, then I am so done with this discussion.

Why are you attacking Panzer for no evidence and no reason, is that what you, as a moderator, is supposed to do, to feed gossips about GM1s? You’re doing it fantastically well.


You are right, official tournament is hosted once a month and its way more important than a leaderboard where most players arent playing at all.


Boosting may be illegal, but how would u proof it :joy: i mean he could have played a ton of legitimate games in costum mode. Who knows if it was all his accounts or not :joy:

As for you @Hrvat, if @hohoho wants to share his way to #1 let him do it, you dont even have to read his posts dude srsly, why do u even care :joy: no offens @hohoho it is a lil much (but i always enjoy hearing from u). And @Hrvat, if u want to share ur life goals u r welcome to do it :heart:

I have to add that TEAMING as u called it and BOOSTING can be on one level. It just depends on how much u care. As for u @Hrvat and me tbh TEAMING is worse, but if @hohoho cares about rank then it is at least equally bad for him.



Boosting is easy to proof. Devs can check ip of any account. If there were 2 accounts with the same ip in one room he was boosting


I’ve never insulted anyone, it’s just annoying hearing everyone’s life goals everywhere. Fine, say it once or twice, but I am pretty sure if Hohoho’s message log was checked, every second sentence is probably based about rank, gm1, please stay to keep playing the game (he begged me once not to quit CFP so he does not play with only silvers), etc etc. It is getting annoying when he is doing it constantly and continuously, it really is.

There is no option for me not to read his life goals in the game or on the discord, unless you want me to block him & mute him from both platforms, which I find a silly reason to do so.

I am just asking Hox3 to stop having conversations based only on his gm1, panzer, staying in the game to play together and anything that has together with ranking up.

  • You participated in the tournament but I don’t think that delegitimises his argument. The parallel is completely valid, the no.1 spot is just as much, if not more, of an honour as the tournament badge.
  • Even I feel people are being overly poisonous towards Panzer. Hoho totally has the right to ask devs to look into the situation but in any form of community, justice must uphold the presumption of innocence unless proven guilty.
  • I don’t see Owl feeding any gossip in any of his posts here. Nobody shittalks Owl on my watch.


The parallel is wrong because Ozzzj was teaming with Wojtas in order to make Banto lose the tournament and Wojtas win, and yet Wojtas was not punished whereas Ozzzj has gotten a very light punishment, whereas Panzer is, for now, a legitimate gm1.

The tournament actually give you fine amount of prizes, whereas getting gm1 does not help you getting new power levels and such. Official tournaments are there to determine who is the best, else we wouldn’t have tournaments but there’d be monthly prizes for reaching x rank.

Owl is feeding the gossips about Panzer cheating his way to GM1. He is stating that I am doing the same thing as Hox3 is, forgetting that Ozzzj was busted whereas Panzer is still not.

Panzer did not team with anyone (probably) in the matchmaking to make Hox3 lose - that is a HUGE difference.


You dont get any prize for being #1, and this place propably wont stay with you forever. For winning a tournament you get prize and exclusive icon. But the most important is that you get respect. You can be #1 for a while, but you are champion for forever.


uh I think you’re nitpicking the parallel too hard, amigo. I think the comparison was just made to mention that Ho^3 animosity is similar to the community’s outrage to the teaming incident. It was clearly not made to say that the no.1 spot deserve monthly prizes or anything. The fact that you actually participated in the tournament strengthens his argument in my perspective, which I took to be “people invested in something have a right to call out possible unfair play in its unfolding”, not “the no.1 spot = tourney victory”.


Yeah I know. My point still stands.


Sorry, but being GM1 is not even close of being a tournament winner, therefore the parallel is immediately wrong to be made. I’ve won the first tournament after being a GM40-30 against very known people

As for the Owl and gossips,

So its understandable for him to be upset when someone cheats to win.