Rank boosting


well can someone tell me if they saw panzer in quick play? cuz we have some doubt about how he get his rank, some players think he played ranked costum with smurfs account, cuz honestly its not possible to get 127 pts in 5 days

Top 100 | November 8th

I never seen this guy in 6 days of hard playing …


we have some doubt about how he get his rank, some players think he played ranked costum with smurfs account

This is why the current ranking is meaningless… They should just show a leaderboard with craterank.


his Crate rank is also higher


Whats a crate rank LOL :joy:


There are 2 different ranks in the game, normal rank and crate rank. Normal rank is the one you see. Crate rank is the one you have for playing crate games. You have different rank so that people don’t derank in order to get easier crate games.


Can u see your own and others crate rank or is it hidden? Would be interesting to know how it is calculated.


its calculated the same way as normal rank xd. And its hidden but devs and mods can see it.


TBh i only play rank games, not crate games


aah couldnt u be one day late! :confused:


Yep i realized one month ago there are 2 rank systems ,had to derank till silver 6 to figure it out though,how can i derank my crate rank?


By getting common crates :wink:


ok this is getting really suspicious, @Geert @Rojoss, can you look at panzer account to see if he is only playing ranked costum, cuz i asked like 10 really active people and no one of them saw panzer in the last 2 week, and strangely he got 150 pts


Are you really paying attention to the leaderboard?


i want to be the 1st to reach legolas, and i dont want someone do it before me by “cheating”


@hohoho I’ve seen him once in quickplay a while back. It was about 3 or 4 weeks ago, when u were 2nd


We all know that hohoho is the only n1 active player😂,dont worry about being overtaken


Yeah i saw him once too, but we are talking about the last 10 days


Well,panzer is not bad has top 5 level but he used certain sleights to reach top 2😂,but we as veteran in cfp,we know who are the top players sorted by tier skills


who is not hohoho, correct.