Rank and grandmaster not in sync



I am now a proud owner of a 1860 rank but I am still a master1 and my GM rank seems to not have changed for a long time.

Could you please do something about it ? It removes a large part of the fun !


Yup, there is a known bug in the ranking system… the discord bot rank and the ingame rank does not match. The badges are mostly not correct or at least do not show what is really happeni

The reason is most likely the rank decay system which makes you lose rank when you do not play for a week. I guess these players keep their position and badge even if their rank is lower. :thinking:


Same here.
Just got back after a 2 months absence so your theory seems right @Line :thinking:

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Not sure if it is that but coulde very well be… might take a while to be fixed tho. Devs are working on some other exciting stuff :smirk:


I haven’t been gone for more than two days and my badge is bugged. That might mean it’s not exactly this, but something close to it.


:joy: well all others are so u might just be a follow up cause of it


I dont think the rank on discord is right either : the Gm100 is only 1643, seems very low.


Nope that could very well be since the rank decay dropped everyone that is inactive pretty much down there. We had this issue for a while now that some good players had multiple accounts in the top 100! Since some of them do not play on these smurf regularly they lose rank and therefore the gm rank should be lower.


I know for sure I’m not a gm anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Partially because I left for a month (which was convenient due to a mute for a month)
But also because I suck :heart:


Many diamonds are probably bugged as well because of this… today I have played with a guy who was diamond 5 (rank 1760) and wasn’t gm, even tho the discord bot shows a 1630 for gm or something like that :joy:


Sometimes it’s really weird when you’re gm and have like 1700 points and someone in the same game has master badge (so over 1800). But everyone thinks that you have higher rank because you’re with gm 50 badge :joy:


Ikr, Rojoss mentioned it is not that easy of a fix, and it will probably take a while to find the bug and fix it
Since they are working on something else atm :joy:



is the leaderboard broken ? I’m staying at the same rank of GM no matter I loose (a lot) or win (a bit) :slight_smile:


yes, it is. I think the correct leaderboard you can see on discord


Something is definitely wrong, idk if it is the discord leaderboard or the in-game one though!


I am now sure there is a problem : I lost over 30 points without changing my GM rank :slight_smile:
I am now at 1810 and still GM71 (was not even GM with that rank few days ago)


Haha :joy: yup rank is bugged sadly… even less competitive plays :frowning:


yup and on discord I am something like GM30 :slight_smile: and the GM100 has a rank around 1650 :cold_face:


is there any plan to fix that ? It is quite discouraging