Random Insane 5+ Sec Lag Periods



Just recently (last 2 days) after playing 1-2 games and switching ships, I’ll join a new game with the switched ship and suddenly the game will lag intensely, sometimes even forcing me to reload and lose. I thought this was a local computer issue, but I’m curious because after lagging out of 3-4 games, the lag will suddenly decrease or stop. I’ve ensured that no background programs are slowing the computer. Is this likely to be a hidden computer problem I haven’t figured out, or have other people experienced this?


Hey Diamaster!

We are sorry that you are experiencing this! We have reports of people having lag. Our awesome developer, Rojoss, made a briliant thread with some tips on how to improve your performance. https://forum.curvefever.pro/c/feedback As you have already checked your own programs, also the network you are using can be causing this. Also others on your network can cause this.


You should check your latency/ping over a longer period of time, sounds like your connection is unstable. If you are using a wireless connection, switching to cable might help.


It’s strange, though. Every time it has happened so far it has been only after I’ve switched ships. Is there anything that happens in-game when you switch ships that would mess up my connection or the game? I’ve never played with one ship lag free, then played again and had this crazy lag with the same ship.


It’s gotten so bad now that I can literally only play one game before I can’t even join matches because of the lag.


Hey Diamaster,

Have you tried out the tips from Rojoss? Render performance tips
If so, this might also help you: Create a Client for Curve Fever Pro
For some people this can be a solution to having lag but again, this isn’t an official guarantee for avoiding lag. Hope this helps you!


I have tried the tips from Rojoss, and I think they helped. I don’t know there’s much else to do, I might just have a bad computer. Also, switching the servers over a few days ago helped too. Thank you! :smile:


Awesome! If we can help you with anything else, feel free to ask :slight_smile: