Random gem charges


idk so i had a crate to open and i clicked on it and it charged me 1 gem even though it said ready to open. now i am 1 gem behind everything

idk if theyres some way to fix it that would help

and if there’s a way to get my gem back that would be helpful
like actually someone give me a gem


This has happened to me too. I want my gem back as well…

  • make petition to get gems back
  • eh who cares
  • i dont care

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You probably just clicked the crate when it said “Open Now” with a gem on the side.

To open the crate without paying gems, wait until it says “Ready to open!”.

I hope this solved your gem problem.


no, it didnt. the one i clicked was the second one


Im not that stupid.


If you have an issue with gems, please contact our support service.

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