Quickplay slow and causes the game/browser to freeze


Hello so I have been playing this game for a while and This just started happening today… sorry if this is in the wrong topic, but what happens is like my quick play will not work and i’ve tried closing the tab but the game just freezes. Here is a picture please tell me how to fix

I refreshed and all the game itself doesn’t even reload. Thanks :slight_smile:

Wth...... i hate this lobby!

Did you try waiting a little bit?
There are currently a lot of players in the queue so that makes the servers a bit slow to send all that data.
And it also takes a bit longer to render all the players in the list.

And does anything happen when you click the play button?

Finally, what’s your in game username?


I’m having this problem too. I just hope this gets fixed.

I suggest you play in custom rooms.


I have these quote freezes sometimes too and when i don’t, the quote is super laggy


quote :wink:

Same for you guys though, anything happens when you click the play button?
Or does the entire screen freeze?


The entire screen freezes when I press quick play


And does the entire browser tab become unresponsive?
Or just the game itself?
Like does the browser close immediately when you try to close it?


I can try that and no nothing happens and my in game username is Wreckitelf


The tab becomes unresponsive, i can close the tabs but that is all, when I try to reload it just doesn’t and the page crashes


It started to work again, but about a 2/5 chance itll work


No. It takes a few seconds for the tab to close when I click the X.


That’s like what mine does also


I am literally upset RIGHT NOW.

(Took a photo before my computer crashed)

There were too many players in the queue (also known as the line) and it pretty much went downhill after clicking quick play.

P.S. If it goes over 400 or 500 players. My computer would probably be dead




there are so many ghost players that if u are inactive for 10+ minutes your tab should x out or something


I guess its time to update this game.


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It doesn’t really start lagging that much even if there is 500+ people… the servers have a much higher capacity of players.

Must be your connection that is lagging, or your pc might have another problem and not the game …


u were way too late sorry

late as in 2 hours

and this is off topic so bye


Line, I disagree.

Today I have witnessed a massive hardware overload with lobby of 500+ players which caused lobby freeze and lags in game.

Opera and Chrome App - 500MB at start and after a few games the memory usage soars over 1300MB R.I.P.
Old standalone version as for now is the best, it tops up “just” to 1100MB

Conclusion is there is nothing wrong with my internet connection and server efficiency, but there must be an issue with resourse allocation - let devs look up into it.