Quick question for tour



Can I join someone’s team if they are looking for someone? I am silver 3 in teams


You can be on my team.


Ok thanks! Who is on your team?

Sorry for the late response.


I don’t have anyone else on my team. Roxie is finding out if Pig and ZenoZsys are available to be on this team.


Is your username SomeFake GM?


No. It is aron.


Are you level 32?


No. Level 64. I can friend you if you want? What is your username?


i thought that zenozsys has a team or am i wrong (also i need a team :sob:)




Sent request


I accepted it.


Do you know anyone else that wants to be on our team?


Just want to make it clear @larry @ZenoXsys and I are a team right now looking for another player above dia 0 Qtips is fine with being a backup Hunter if you would like to be on a higher tier team feel free to join and be our last member!


Just wondering what rank are you?


ffa dia teams slva 5


I will check.




We a team :blush:


uhh, i never said I was in your team, sorry