Quick info about "steals" and "protects"


With the new update has disappeared the little reference about how much steals or defens a modul in the image of the moduls. This change apparently with little importance, makes it more cumbersome to see this data. Before the update you could quickly compare the stats of the modules with just a glance.


Now you can as well … it is written there just im %


I am sorry if the new system seems confusing.

It should me more clear now, and the actual formula is mentioned in the changelog, the attacking modules steal a percentage of your points and the defensive one protect a percentage of your points.

The actual number of points stolen is given by: pointsStolen = points * attack * (1-defenseUpModule) * (1-defenseDownModule)

So, if your module has 20% (0.2) attack and the opponent has a module with 30% defence (0.3), then you will steal 0.2 * (1 - 0.3) = 0.2 * 0.7 = 0.14 = 14% of his points.


Which are the points me and my Opponent have?
Is this a percentage?


Yes, it is a percentage. When you shoot someone attack is the attack value of your power and defenseUp and defenseDown are from your opponent based on his powers. If someone attacks you, then the attack value is his and the defense values are yours.


Thanks for your answers but you have not understood my observation. I know that it can be checked how much you steal or protect a module. The difference between before the update and after is that now if you want to compare this data between modules you have to click and exit, click and exit. Before, with a quick glance (without clicking on the module) you could quickly compare the stats of each module with the others.Quick%20stats


I agree, especially with it being now just one parameter it seems like there’s way enough space to keep this information. Clicking on each module to get this information is annoying, right now when I’m playing I just keep the other tab open with Guide: Understanding your Powers (using it instead of the in-game statistics is what I also suggest you @omisacma) instead, but I’d have preferred if I can just see it on the module panel without clicking on all modules.


Thanks a lot for you reply @takisobiedebil, this guide is so useful meanwhile the developers fix this annoying feature.


I agree with this.