Question about Thin



What is the thin ability supposed to help with other than protecting points?


Go thru tiny holes or make your line nearly invisible (with the vampire skin)


The powerup - Thin - makes your line and ship smaller. That means your collision box also gets smaller. With smaller collision box you will be able to go in tighter places and it won’t be as easier as before to be hit by mines/fevers and shots.

If we gather all of these pluses plus the powerup defense, that makes thin a well balanced powerup.


It is still bad :joy:


I kind of disagree :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It definitely needs to have higher defence percentage, but I played with it a lot. It really helps to dodge everything.


I still prefer brake because its useful in a lot more situations.


Well, brake>thin, but jump or hide>brake :wink: