Protip: WSAD keyboard



Well, I will tell you my secret - I use arrows for steering and W&S keys for modules.

It would be great if a hint on WSAD keys would be visible on the main screen, since it is not obvious for everyone to use them or to mix them together like I do :slight_smile:


I personally prefer to have all on one hand. But i might actually try this out cause i feel like curving might be much better if one hand can only focus on that.


Well, I already use the WASD. But only if I have multishot and doubleshot together, allowing me to shoot both at the same time. Otherwise, I prefer the arrow keys.


@Dragonfyre I love using WASD more than the arrow keys


I actually use thumb on down arrow and index, middle and ring finger on 4, 8 and 6 on the Numpad, so I can have up and down on the same hand but on different fingers.