Property's Q&A



Hey, i made a Q&A topic for myself because i have an ego about 10 times the diameter of the sun.

So if you want to ask your favorite forum-a-holic some questions, here you go.


How did u acquire the ability to create topics and more topics?


I have alot of time on my hands, plus a steady stream of ideas.
One day, you’ll regret not having a large desk.


How long is your Desk?


How’ve you found CF?


Haven’t considered measuring it, but i’m guessing somewhere around 7-8 inches

Saw someone playing it, looked over their shoulder, thought it looked cool at the time.


Why did u choose that username “property” ,does have a meaning beyond than a simple word ,maybe have to do with your big "ego"or maybe you dont allow certain type of people in your “life”


The reason i chose the name “Property” to go under is a really vague and long story, but i’ll try to sum it up as best as i can.

One day, i was thinking up names for potential future names to go under, and one time i thought “Lawn”. So, eventually, push comes to shove, and the idea of using Property as a username came to fruition, because…

  • It had a nice ring to it
  • I wanted to create a name to instill fear in people once i get better at the game, somewhat as a flag to say “hey, this is my property, please step off”

And that’s the story of the name Property.


did u steal my desk joke

and my desk is bigger ha it is 3 feet


Yes, indeed i did steal it.


Do you have a Gamer chair :thinking:


Sadly, no; i am not that epic a gamer…

…not yet


What robot version are you

I’m cfp-1468

(Heh current trophies)