Property Update


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So, hey guys, Property here.

Yeah, the past few months have been interesting; most of my pastime being taken up by other matters and generally some fun stuff.

So, first off, i just wanna assure you that i am not dead. Iโ€™m just inactive as of the time being, but i may or may not be more active in the preceding month after August.
Second, after September 3rd, i may be getting back into the community and start playing CFP on a regular basis. Sadly, i may not be able to by a slim chance, but itโ€™s the chance that matters.
Third, well, nothing else to really talk about here. Just thought itโ€™d be funny to put this here.

  • Iโ€™m hyped to see Property coming back
  • I donโ€™t know about Property coming back
  • Whatโ€™s a Property?

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Damn misclicked โ€ฆ wanted โ€œwhatโ€™s a Property?โ€.

Obviously: Come back, dude!