Property Rants on 1.7.4


I don’t even need to type that much here, but i’ll just do so anyway in fear of getting flagged for forum spam.

First off, having Zap may dictate the entire course of a round because it punishes people who put actual effort into that round while they AFK and wait for the leader to reach a reasonable status then go in for the win steal, and even then, the leader doesn’t really have that much of a chance other then locking themself in a tiny segment of the map.

Next is Scattershot, which is basically the same situation as Zap, but less risky to the person who’s sending it, which i find unfair in every way.

Of course, the leaderboard changes were quite nice, and the shot nerfing was one of the finer points of the patch, but hey, i’m just taking a break from the game, so what do i know? The devs kinda have all the knowledge of the game at this point, and with the recent intrusive advertisements [they could’ve added a passive one right above the chat], i’m kinda at my breaking point here.

Line may or may not quit, and they’re one of the reasons i try to actually play half-decently, and that really impacts somebody who wants to surpass their idol.

And that’s my rant for now. May/may not edit further, but for now, here’s what i have. If you have any counter-arguments or constructive criticism, leave them in the replies.

GLHF to everybody in the community.


i agree, very infuriating to gather a strong lead outplaying others the whole game just to get zapped suicide bombed. The person who zaps u literally gains an 80 point lead on you for brainlessly rushing you… ???


Revert revert revert revert lol


hi property