Hey guys, Property here.

So, with Teams finally here, i got to pondering if there was anything other then teams mode i wanted.

So, viola; i want some form of toggle for ranked games/unranked.

Basically, my vision of it is below the play button, there’d be some form of switch for unranked and ranked. Pretty simple gist, i’m assuming the only reason HMG hasn’t considered it is because nobody really put the idea out there for other people.

So, with that out of the way, let’s get onto the pros and cons as i think they are.


  • More relaxed matches where people can utilize MEME STRATS
  • Basically practice with zero to no risk of dropping rank
  • Maybe more friends from the game?
  • IDK, just sounds good.


  • Maybe none, correct me in replies if i’m wrong.

Thank you for reading this post, GLHF :love_you_gesture:


Good shout!


Threadus revivus x3.


If this would be implemented then the unranked and ranked people would need to play together (there can only be one queue due to population, see teams implementation). This could cause rating inflation.