Proper shot description



With regard to this bug (Shot through the wall) and it is a bug, not a feature, could you properly inform the community about it in some sort of changelog or add it to the description of shot modules?

Sorry guys, but it is poorly implemented and I don’t have a problem if you want to add it to the known bugs, but it goes against the whole logic of the module. So at least acknowledge it and change the rules/descriptions accordingly or fix it. Hiding like that is a cowardly thing and till now I had a quite high opinion about you guys.

About the implementation, right now, I guess, it is done that on the place of collision there is generated explosion and if a player is in the explosion, there is a hit, but you should check if a ray from the middle of the explosion to the player is interrupted. Otherwise, it goes against the logic of the module whatever Svo as a shot player says.


In one of the old changelogs there is the description to this feature. It is intentional for now to make it easier to hit people with shots.

[April 29th]

  • All bullets now have a seperate collision area for hitting ships. Their size is 3x as big as that with lines, making it a bit easier to hit moving players.

[May 22nd]

  • Time before drawing begins has been reduced to 1s (was 2.5s)
  • Decreased bullet-on-ship collision size to 2x (was 3x) [Bullets sometimes hit the ship that looked like a ‘false hit’]

The false hit could be interpreted as a through the wall hit as well, but it is in fact intentional for now. Maybe it will get changed in the future.


It’s nothing easier than to write it down in the module. As I wrote, I just really don’t like the approach that something unexpected appears, someone points it out, and devs just say: “Its a feature, not a bug.” If it is a feature, write it properly down. Otherwise, it seems that pointing out bugs is totally for nothing.

Sorry, but the response of Rojoss really triggered me.


It kinda is in the changelogs, so what more do you want :joy:


That bullet explosions go through the walls or add it to the known bugs.


For me it is kinda obvious if they have an explosion radius but I guess they could put it in :stuck_out_tongue: