Progression through Playing



Suggestion: Reward players for winning games by reducing crate cooldowns. The top 3 positions could get 30, 15, or 5 minute reductions respectively across all currently active crates.

Reason: Although I like how the crate system works - encouraging you to play with various builds in order to gain rewards, as well as providing more rewards as you progress due to having more module combinations - there doesn’t seem to be much incentive to continue playing. Once you get your 8 (or less) crates for the day, you’re basically done for that day. No incentive to continue playing leads to there being less active players which then leads to the game feeling dead at times.

I realize the devs want this game’s progression system to be a lot longer than in other games, but I feel this addition wouldn’t harm that idea too much. It would still take a long time to progress because, even if best case scenario you won every match, it would still be taking about 34+ matches to quickly open your batch of crates. (I don’t know how long on average every match lasts, so I’m just guessing it’d take at least a few straight hours of playing. hence the 34 instead of 40)


I like this idea a lot :smiley:. I also want to say that the way crates distribute gems doesn’t seem logical. You get one gem from a basic crate, then open a mega crate and get another…1 gem. While maybe the chance of getting gems increases with crate value (idk), it seems it would be easier and more rewarding if you actually got more gems from better crates. That isn’t the case now.


Yes, the devs should do something about this the progression system currently is one of the worst in all the games i’ve played


Vote for the idea if you like it <3 I did sounds great



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