Problem with eggs



Hey guys here is a new meme:

Is this true or not!! (srry for the people that ctully got salmonella from it)
who thinks I should tell you all the secret to making safe to eat raw cookie dough


And what does this have to do with the title?


u can get salmonella from them


I eat raw cookie dough all the time even when there’s egg in it :joy:
Bodybuilders just eat raw eggs for protein as well.

Not saying there’s no chance you can get salmonella but cookie dough is just too delicious to not eat it haha. :heart:


egg actly (knows it is cringy pun)


Certainly depends A on the cookies dough and B where you got the eggs from and how fresh they are.

Salmonella are dangerous and you do not want to get them believe me.


u got it??