Pro Tip Thread 3 [Now with 99% more pro-tip per bite!]



Hey, i need some more community-generated pro-tips to use. Please make these ones genuinely useful.

…god donut i need to get out of Gold 2…

I just joined

do lots of half camping and full camping (preferably with thin power) in custom rooms alone if you’re serious about this game. Curve controlling is the primary thing in curvefever, all other skills/techniques naturally follows that. That’s my opinion.


What combo u use?


time bomb + thin, why?


At the start of each round, divide the map into 6 parts. Aim to block everyone else out of 1 section and keep it for yourself. Then just survive. Lots of circles and doing the timebomb next to you will help.

If you don’t want to play like that. Then I suggest double fever or mine + fever. You’ll get the most points by luring people in turning and “pooping” a fever in front of them.

#6 Pro tips shared here.