Pro compilation Topic



Ow this topic almost has 1k views. Didn’t think it would grow so much. It’s been sleeping so I will be spamming it with some decent stuff later.


I’ll start taking some pics of sick gameplay xd


I hope soon we will have a way to make gifs in-game! That will really jumpstart the gif-making and highlights. Looking forward to it :smiley:


That is really a good idea! Also if you can watch your previous matches and make gifs of them would be cool!


Got 2 fairly old screenshots I forgot to share. Both done on “Eternity”.

First and most probably my last tripple T.bomb kill I will ever make. Also, this was done with a level 4 T.bomb. The timing of it all was simply perfect.

Almost my first quadruple laser kill using a laser 4 :frowning: it was soooo close


Finally reached the 200 points!! :slight_smile:

Highest number of points

What modules u used?


steerless, and single shot


That’s pretty embarrassing for the others


I GOT A TRIPLE SPEED KILL!!! didnt get a screenshot though :’(


How do they say? … #MeToo ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Not the points, the combo :yum:

Repulse rocks!



Repulse Rocks #2

Not 100 points as my goal would be in someday, but… :smiley: yeyy
You were a great challenge @Ozzzj, maybe you defeat me next time :joy:

and thx :slight_smile: couldn’t have done this without your last move :)))


good job :smiley:


Nice 3-kill you got there. Keep it up! :+1:


some double with trigger



my 1st +50 ever :smiley:


(Seinfeld Theme Plays) Nice kill combo. Also, this sucks for the other players.


I did it once with speed and zap. Good job friend :smiley: