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Hello nerds

If some of you here are cf2 players ,then you already might know about the long existing topic where players share their awesome moves and moments. Well i cant think of a better name for the topic (the one in cf was called "Nice ways ") so i guess this will do. If you have anything amazing or even mediocre ,but want to share it amongst players,then drop it here in this topic.

Your Record
Your nice moment
Your Record


Awesome idea Legolas!
I liked the topic of CF2 and I can’t wait to see all these nice ways :sunglasses:


hmm not as good as a triple, but decent double kill i guess ^^


A couple of doubles and snipes


You have a fitting name


This is totally me being a pro so this is certainly the correct thread to post this in :ok_hand:. The screenshot isn’t from the first round, but i assure you everyone except me was AFK. That an 83.33333… % AFK rate


What an pro game xd

I had almost the same, everyone was afk expect me and another player so the game was short.


With the current update “laser walls” these kills will not be possible to make anymore and the module is just dead now.So here are the last of these beautiful snipes,double kill and tripple kill until they one day eventually revert the game back to its previous mode.

Sweet triple in a high room to win the round

And then just the many double kills ive made
aw almost tripple here And a final snipe to win the round


how do you take the picture of what happened right when it happens? curious to know


You must have a button on your keyboard which says “Print Screen” :slight_smile: .
Just press it and you take a picture from your screen.

Also you can use “Snniping Tool” (for windows) which you can find with your search bar.
Just cut the size which you want and save it to your pc.


Aha :grin: I’ll try to catch trigger bomb double kill on screenshot… :yum: done it couple of times, why not third…

Good idea though Legolas! :slightly_smiling_face:


Here I am again with the doubles . I do not mind having this topic all for myself haha ,but please I do encourage others to try and drop some of their own goodies here.

Given the date and time of this post(these might be more common in the future,but only to the number of laser users) ,this shot is unique,in essence,that there are 5 laser module users in the room,and most remarkably ,I made a double kill and at the exact moment of me taking the screenshot,on the same second,you can see the death-ray of another ship blowing mine up.

The timing of it all was truly epic.

This has to be most peoples favorite laser kill. Instantly shooting after turning into a wall.

This was like effortless… just let my ship go straight from the other side then pewwwww

Finally ,some good distance doubles against strong opponents

Thanks for checking them out.


im really in love with your aim skills ,i had a good night farming with u
greets :v:


Well I like to keep training my trigger bomb skills, while I have quite one of a kind mix (Speed up and trigger bomb down) setup with my tier 4 pentagon ship :slight_smile: Here’s one doublekill even if it’s hard to tell it was me :wink:


Yeah but it might be hard to do it at the moment because you might not know when ur gonna shoot an epic shot


First games after getting trigger bomb


AWW man, cmon show a video with a cool new module, not something a lot of people have. :slight_smile:


Was uploaded on 1 march😜


Heya is a frigging scary to play against. If he’s pointing at you you want to run from his speed kills and then he turns, you drop your guard, and he poops a trigger bomb in your face. >_<